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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Harper: 8 Months

The Worst Blogger Ever award clearly belongs to me. At least I'm the best (worst?) at something, right? Bah, I promise my next post will be some sort of catch up post and not a baby book update, but until then, Harper is 8 (and a half) months old!

We love, love, love this sweet girl, and she is getting to be lots of fun.

Harper wears size 12 month clothes and a size 3 diaper when she's not in cloth ones.

She says Mama, Dada, and more ("moh") when she wants more food.

She usually wants more food because this girl can EAT. So far she eats: sweet potatoes, guacamole, peas, chicken, olives, cantaloupe, strawberries, watermelon, macaroni, cheese, broccoli, green beans, Cheerios, Pirate's Booty, and applesauce. We don't puree her food because she loves to eat it cut up into small pieces and, let's face it, that's much easier for us. She still nurses really well, although the amount has been scaled back since she's eating so many solids.

Harper was toothless at 8 months, but in the past few days her first tooth has poked through the bottom gums!

With this newfound tooth, her sleeping habits have totally regressed. She was doing SO much better and napping well (2 hours twice a day) and only waking once at night if at all. But now she's back to short naps (an hour or less) and waking once or twice a night. Hopefully she'll get back on track once the tooth comes all the way in.

She's a mover but doesn't quite crawl yet. She can sit up from lying down, and she gets on her hands and knees and rocks, but when she goes to move she still face plants and then rolls. She's really close though!

Harper loves to laugh, especially at Avery and Landon. She loves rides in the stroller and playing on the floor. Her favorite song is Katy Perry's "Roar" because she likes to sing all the "oh oh oh ohs" :)

She has grown so much this past month, and we are having so much fun watching her grow! Love you forever, Harper Girl!