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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Let me just start out by saying that I have been exhausted lately. Like I-can't-keep-my-eyes-open-please-let-me-take-a-nap-at-school exhausted. So when we had early release yesterday, I naturally used my extra afternoon time at home for a much-needed nap (after unsuccessfully trying to read some more of Twilight, which has taken surprisingly forever for me to read). I set my alarm for 4pm. A 45-minute nap is long enough, right? Wrong. I woke up at 7. Ah, but it was nice.

Fast forward to my actual point. Since we were already planning on going to the homecoming football game, we went (despite better judgment that warned of ridiculous crowds and obnoxious middle schoolers). I don't know if it's just our community or if this problem has simply become more widespread in recent years, but when did it become commonplace for parents to live so vicariously through their children? I don't really have the time nor desire to get on my soapbox about this "Child Worship" or the "self-esteem movement" right now, but it's getting to the point of absurdity. People disgust me.

On a better note, it's a good idea to go to Chicken Express right before they close.
Here's what we actually ordered:
  • chicken tender snack pack (2 tenders and mashed potatoes),
  • a 4 tender dinner (4 tenders, mashed potatoes, and a large sweet tea),
  • and a small side of fried pickles (don't judge, they're surprisingly good).

Here's what we got:
  • 12 tenders,
  • 2 family-sized mashed potatoes,
  • a family-sized order of fried pickles,
  • 2 fried pies,
  • and the rolls, which I still can't decide if I like the switch from biscuits.

So here's to gluttony.

1 comment:

anonymous student (not sam) said...

Hmmmm i have i bit of a problem with this post you talk about some of whats wrong with people
"People disgust me"
and i agree but you also put this just before that you were
"reading some more of Twilight"
for shame!