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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Playing Catch Up

The worst part of being a bad blogger is the catch-up post that seems necessary after going on a twelve day hiatus. Here's the rundown as summarized as I can make it:

School ended. After five years, three classrooms, two subjects, and roughly 1,000 students, my teaching career came to a halt. Maybe for now, maybe forever. People keep asking me how it feels to be a stay-at-home mom, but I honestly don't know yet. It just feels like summer right now. Ask me in August when my husband and friends are all going back to school and I'm at home with a cute little one-year-old.

We went to the drive-in with Carlos and Kendra. Nothing says summer like sitting outside on lawn chairs, eating buttery popcorn, and watching a movie. Well, except when you go on the only cool evening in June. We didn't even have blankets! I wussed out halfway through Shrek, sat in the car, and promptly fell asleep, which was a bummer because I actually enjoyed the movie. Kendra joined me for the second movie though because, really, was a sequel to Iron Man necessary? Snooze.

Avery got her eye fixed. We hope. The pediatric ophthalmologist's office was in North Dallas, so we made the 45-minute trek on Wednesday morning and arrived right at the appointment time (why can't we be early for anything?!?). There were so many people in the waiting room because one of the doctors was running two hours behind schedule. TWO HOURS. How does that even happen? Fortunately it wasn't ours, and we were in and out of the office in twenty minutes. Keep in mind that when I made the appointment they told me to expect a 1-2 hour visit. This was a nice surprise. And Avery did surprisingly well. She loved the toys in the exam room. "Loved" is actually not a strong enough word. She was so excited she didn't know what to do with herself. It was hilarious! She even let them put that yellow numbing junk in her eye and then went right back to playing. The only time she fussed was when they literally tied her town to do the actual procedure. I couldn't watch, but as soon as they were done she was back to her happy self. Success. We scheduled an appointment to go back in a month to make sure it worked. It has a 90-95% success rate, but I'm starting to think we're in the 5% bracket. If so, we'll have to have the procedure done again.

We celebrated the quick visit by having quesadillas at Cafe Brazil, one of my very favorite eateries. After we got home from the doctor, packed, and got the dogs settled, we got in the car for the four hour trip to...

...Baytown to see Matt's family. It was just a short visit this time, but we got to watch recording of their musical revue, play on the water slide, eat at a yummy hibachi/buffet place, and have a dance competition (I totally won. Just saying.). We were supposed to go to my college roommate Tiffany's house for the rest of the weekend to meet up with our other roommate and all our families for some beach time and Tiff's baby shower, but a family emergency for Tiff meant that the shower was postponed and so was our visit. We were sad that we couldn't see Tiff, but we went with Plan B and...

...drove to Austin to see Candie, Ricky and Jake. Jake is Avery's future husband, and we were very thankful to be able to spend some quality time with some of our favorite friends. We had fajitas, watched Avatar (and I have yet to understand why it was so acclaimed, but whatever), went to the pool, and shopped at the Round Rock Outlets. We left on Saturday night to make it back for church on Sunday...

...except Avery got sick. She started running a fever on Saturday and was just generally puny. She'd been having some symptoms for about a week and a half, but I attributed them all to teething (she has like four teeth about to break the gums any day now). Her fever was high and she wasn't eating or really sleeping, so I stayed home with her on Sunday while Matt took care of my duties in the children's wing. (Have I mentioned how amazing my husband is??) p.s. When I took Avery to the doctor on Monday, we found out she has strep and an ear infection. No wonder she was so miserable. In more positive news though, our dog Sadie's ear infection is totally gone!

My cousin Amy came over on Sunday afternoon because we hadn't seen each other since Easter. We seriously just chilled at the house and then took a little excursion to Charming Charlie since she'd never been. We finished off the lazy day by picking up pizza for dinner and halfway watching the Tony Awards.

Little Women rehearsals started Monday. Please someone tell me how I'm going to memorize lines, blocking, and songs in four weeks. The first blocking/music rehearsal was fantastic, but I'm a tad overwhelmed. Just a tad. It is, however, going to be a fantastic show, so mark your calendars for July 15-17!

Whew! That about does it for now. Now I'm off to work on lines. This could take awhile.


joyceandnorm said...

I love teaching, but don't think I'm going to go that path when I return to work....we'll see what I want to be when I grow up.

Hope A's eye will be all better...and that she's feeling better too. Poor girl.

Good luck with your lines.

Sarah said...

Fun! Looks like you are off to a great start. I'll be sure to let you know how weird it is without you at work when we go back.

Kati said...

Good wrap up! And it looks like you got some super cute stuff at those outlets. I hope Avery's eye holds up and you don't have to go back. She's a trooper :>