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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunday School Christmas Party

We seriously love our Sunday School class. We had our Christmas party at the beginning of the month (it's hard to work around everybody's schedules!) and it was a delicious Mexican stack and hilarious White Elephant gift exchange.

And again, my pictures are from my phone, so they're terrible. Oh well.

Matt didn't get to keep the nose trimmer, haha!

Kendra and her short-lived moment with the coveted head massager

Carlos scored some fuzzy dice!

HILARIOUS. Especially the story behind it. And mostly because she regifted it the next day!

Nick ready for presents!

Ha, Janice with her light up skeleton

Because everybody needs a handmade bonnet!

I think Nick enjoyed his boa a little too much.

First choice = last choice

Matt decided to give up his Hillbilly Briefcase as his White Elephant gift

Our fearless leaders!

Mwahaha, I got the head massager. That thing rocks.

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