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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Avery! (& 20 Questions)

Avery turned FIVE on July 3 (yes, I'm behind on this post...oops)! We just adore this sweet girl, and she brings so much life to this family!

Avery graduated from Pre-K this year, and she'll start kindergarten in just a few short weeks! She's so excited about school and LOVES learning. She loves to write and draw and color and read, and she's an extremely hard worker. She can read quite a few words, and one of her favorite things to do is to write huge lists of all the words she knows.

She started playing soccer last fall and will play again this year. She's improved so much and is really enjoying it and coming into her own! She was really hesitant about going after the ball when she first started (she wants to be certain of success and doesn't love taking risks), but once she gained a little confidence, she was a completely different player.

She wears a size 11 shoe (almost 12), size 6 in shirts, and size 5 in bottoms (unless the 6 has adjustable waist for our little Skinny Minnie).

Avery is a talker (and is becoming a little bit of a sassy pants at home, but we're working on that!), but she's very quiet around other people until she gets comfortable. She takes in everything and really assesses questions before she answers. I love how much she thinks things through; she asks lots of questions!

She LOVES her brother and sister! She's an amazing big sister and is so patient with Landon and Harper (usually, haha). She and Landon pretend and play house all the time, and she's great at helping Harper play with her toys. Avery's a great dancer at our family dance parties! She's so much fun.

Avery loves to help others. I hope she always keeps her sweet, sensitive spirit and her stubborn persistence! Our prayer for all of our kids is that God uses their personalities to glorify himself and molds their hearts to truly love him and serve others. 

We love you to the moon and back, Avery Grace!

In Her Own Words (answered on 7/3/14)
{What makes you happy?} When we get to play cards
{What are you really good at?} Playing soccer
{What is your favorite color?}
{What is your favorite toy?} Everything
{What is your favorite TV show?} Curious George
{What is your favorite thing to eat?} Macaroni and cheese
{What is your least favorite thing to eat?}
Brussel sprouts
{What is your favorite drink?} Orange juice
{What is your favorite movie?} Frozen
{What is your favorite game?} War (the card game)
{What is your favorite animal?} Cheetah
{What is your favorite song?} Let it Go
{What is your favorite book?} Pinkalicious
{Who is your best friend?} Lily
{What is your favorite thing to do outside?} Skate
{What is your favorite holiday?} Christmas and Halloween
{What do you like to take to bed with you at night?} Pink Texas Rangers baby blanket
{What do you and Mommy do together?} Color
{What do you and Daddy do together?}
Jump on the trampoline
{Where is your favorite place to go?} Ikea (which she visited for the first time yesterday, haha), Sea World, Schlitterbahn, and Hawaiian Falls
{What do you want to be when you grow up?} A donut maker, chef, doctor, and author ("book writer")

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