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Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby Yawns, Bachelorette, Swimming, Mood Swings, Massages and Minivans

I miss my Friday Five! It's kinda become my way of including lots of random thoughts into one catchall post. It's not Friday, but here is some miscellany for the week.

How cute are baby yawns?!?

It's no secret that I love The Bachelor/Bachelorette. I know it's heavily produced and far from the "reality" it claims to be, but I can't help myself. Especially this season I wonder if the contestants/participants/whatever feel really stupid when they watch the show after all is said and done. I mean, seriously, this Ashley chick is coming across as completely pathetic (and bipolar). She's probably a really nice girl or whatever, but ugh. And the guys are just as lame. Boring season. Moving on.

We've been taking Avery swimming quite a bit lately because my parents' neighbors (our church's former associate pastor and his family) are moving to Kansas (which I'm still bummed about!) and generously offered for us to use their pool whenever we wanted this summer until their house sells. Avery was pretty timid in the water at first, but now she begs to put on her Elmo "fwimsoup" and go kick in the water.

There have been some crazy mood swings in our house lately, and surprisingly enough, they're not even coming from me. Avery is totally Jekyll and Hyde these days. Well, minus the whole murder thing (except that she is murdering my sanity). She can be screaming her pretty little head off one minute, and then she'll be so sweet and happy the next. It's hard to pinpoint the reason since it's most likely just a combination of being almost two, having a new baby in the house, and being totally thrown out of her routine last week with VBS taking over our lives. Anyway, God is definitely teaching us patience and understanding, and hopefully this is all just a stage. Right??

Speaking of VBS, it's complete for 2011, and I'd definitely call it a success. I'll post more on that later, but for now I'll just say that I already feel tons better now that I've had a couple of days to just rest.

Another reason I feel like I've rejoined humanity is that I had an awesome massage today! My cousin Amy is a massage therapist, and Matt was so sweet to text her last night to see if she could fit me into her schedule today. I'm so thankful that she did, and I'm already looking forward to her coming over on Wednesday to hang out with us.

So tomorrow we're going to check out some minivans. What has my life come to?!? We've discovered that our little Scion xB will not fit two car seats and a front seat passenger comfortably. (Comfortably meaning without my legs touching the dash.) I always swore I'd never drive a minivan. Never say never.

I've whined about this a lot the last week or so, but our house looks like a nightmare right now. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect it to look perfect, but it's hard for us to relax or enjoy time together when there's chaos surrounding us. But now that I'm starting to feel semi-normal again, I'm hoping to get the house back in working order (while still taking time to snuggle and play with my kids). Plus, Tiff and her family are coming in town on Thursday, so there's some added motivation!

Okay, I'm off to vacuum. Wish me luck!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

*Cute baby yawns!
*I kinda miss Bachelor/ette, but not too much.
*My kiddos are afraid of the water during showertime, so we'll have to see about fun you guys get to use the pool!
*Yay for VBS completion!! I can't wait for VBS over here! We signed up for 2, and the first one doesn't start until mid-July. I hope you can get a break now that's checked off the list.
*Minivan...let me know how that goes. Not sure if/when we'll ever get one. We have a RDX right now, and it's cramped in the back if there's the 2 carseats and another person.
*As long as there's nothing growing in the corners, I'd say your house is doing fine. =p