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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm still here.

We're just, well, overwhelmed. Hence the blog silence.

VBS is in full swing. We've had way more kids than we ever anticipated, so things have been crazy. Tonight went much smoother than Monday, so that's good.

There is clean laundry hanging out all over our living room. At least it's folded.

Avery has been thrown so far off of her routine that I'm not sure she'll ever get back to her normal self. I can't even get mad about her tantrums because I'd be acting the same way if I were her age.

I haven't checked my Google Reader in so long that I'm afraid to now because I'm sure the amount of unread posts is unmanageable.

I still haven't written thank you notes for baby gifts. I'm thankful, really I am. Just please give me another week before I can express it in a card. :)

I really want to sew. I'd also love to fully recover from, you know, having a baby. While I'm wishing for things, sleep would be nice.

Matt went to the grocery store today since we hadn't been in almost two weeks. Not eating fast food for lunch was a highlight of my week.

It's hot. As much as I love Texas, summers here kind of suck.

No caffeine today = major headache. Guess I should start cutting back...

I missed Avery's 23 month update post, and now that it's halfway through the month, I'm just going to wait until her two year old post. I was planning on stopping the monthly posts when she turned two anyway. Maybe I'll just make it every 6 months?

Speaking of turning TWO, I have got to plan Avery's birthday celebration. It's only like two weeks away.

Only a few more days and we can rest. I'm so thankful for my family and friends and all the people who have helped me stay sane while trying to launch VBS. You know who you are.

Okay, no more complaining tonight. I will now make a valiant attempt to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you got some rest. Take it easy if you get the chance. No one benefits from a tired, weary, grumpy mommy. Praying for a speedy recovery and a wonderful VBS.