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Monday, July 23, 2012

Back again.

We got back from our trip to Tennessee and had two days to recover from vacation before Matt and I took 12 preteens to church camp and Avery and Landon went to my parents' for the week.

It was a great week at camp, but I was so emotionally/mentally/physically drained from it that I'm just now feeling like myself again. Preteens are a different beast! I totally get high schoolers. I'm figuring out preschoolers. But to this point, preteens are pretty much uncharted territory for me.

Ready for Nerd Prom!

Our little nerds were ready to party!

They were so sweet though, and we had so many good conversations about what it really means to follow Christ and make their faith their own. And they are SILLY. It really was a lot of fun.

Since we've been back our kids have decided that sleeping through the night is overrated. Yes, I said kids. Avery's been sneaking into our bed every night, and I'm sure Landon would be doing the same thing if he wasn't incarcerated in his. So he just cries until we get him.

So in my perpetual state of sleepiness I've been working like crazy on Etsy stuff. I've actually had quite a few orders recently from friends, but I'm almost caught up on those and ready to build inventory to open my shop in September. I'm really excited about it! Nervous, but excited.

With all this sewing, traveling, and general hanging out with Matt and the kids, I feel so disconnected from most of my friends. I have SO many people that I'm really wanting to get together with. Hopefully I still have some friends left once school starts back up!

I've got lots of blog posts ready to leave my brain and find the keyboard, so hopefully you'll hear from me again soon. Until then, there's a chocolate chip cake, the Bachelorette finale on Hulu, and more fabric cutting calling my name.


Kati said...

Um yeah. I totally missed all but the last 20 minutes (and then the dumb after show) last night because I thought the finale was TONIGHT, like it always is!!! Needless to say, I was not happy.

But hey, they're getting married! ha. Welcome Back!

April @ said...

I love preteens! Is that weird? I didn't know this until I became a children's minister, but I loved them. They can think for themselves, they are capable of realizing that they have an impact on others and that the choices they make really do make a difference. They are goofy and they don't think you're completely uncool yet. :)

Heather said...

Kati, I only knew about it because of the spoilers. It's the same every season, so it was kind of a waste anyway, haha.

April, that's not weird at all! I love them, but it was an adjustment getting used to that age group. It's just so different from the littles and bigs. :) It was a fun time!