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Friday, October 19, 2012

Green Meadows Farm

Since I'm super behind on blogging, I figured I'd take a break from the sewing machine today to post some of the fun things we've been up to! 

Last weekend was a busy one. On Friday the kids and I met up with some friends at a petting farm to see lots of animals! Avery's a little more hesitant in unfamiliar situations, but Landon was IN LOVE with every animal he saw.

Catching the show with friends
Landon ADORES Ms. Iris!
Karen and Tucker (Landon's BFF)
Sweet friends! Lily, Avery, and JoJo
Getting a good pumpkin picture was next to impossible. At least I caught a smile from Avery!
Landon had this exact smile pretty much all day. He was giddy.
Look at Avery getting adventurous! (Seriously, this was a big deal.)
Why pet the animals when you can play with sticks?
Taking a break from chasing the geese

I love to be able to do things like this during the week (thanks, Matt!); it is seriously one of my favorite perks about staying home with the kids. Also, yay for fall! Well, almost. Texas has a hard time deciding what season it actually is, but petting farms and pumpkins mean fall, so there.

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