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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Homecoming Parade and the Zoo

As we've established already, I suck at blogging. So I hope you understand that these two events have no connection except that they are two outings at which I took pictures and wanted to add to the blog. Also, the formatting of the pictures is ridiculous because Blogger is awful. Bear with me.
On Friday afternoon we braved the (kind of) cold to watch our town's homecoming parade.

Landon and his buddy Tucker trying to keep warm

My sister-in-law Chelsea and precious niece Evelyn joined us!

It was a super long parade and very, very windy. Also, people need to learn how to act like they actually want to be on a float. Some people are lame-o! But we had fun anyway. :)
Hey, look who we found! (That's Matt in the middle if you missed it.)
Aw, they love each other. And don't worry, I was stopped when I took the picture.
Then on Monday we went to the zoo with lots of friends!
I always take pictures of the giraffes. I can't help it.

1 comment:

Kati said...

Love the hands touching pic! And nice subtle product placement of your sippy cup holder :-)

I enjoyed texting you yesterday...we shall see what the future holds, eh?!