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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sweet Summertime!

Now that VBS is over and I'm caught up on Etsy orders (translation: not working every free second), it's officially summertime in our house!

Avery and I kicked it off on Saturday morning by going to my friend Kari's baby shower! Kari and I have been friends since we were 12, and our third babies are due two weeks apart. She's been a buzz kill and not finding out the baby's gender, so I don't know yet if Harper has a best friend or a future husband! Gosh! Anyway, the shower was at Shannon's house and was so pretty and relaxed and fun.

Crystal, Kari, and Trish (Kari's mom, who I actually can't call Trish because she'll always be Mrs. Harrison to me!)

Some sweet girls joined the party!

Hostesses! Crystal, Kyndra, me, (Kari), Iris, Karen, Shannon

Karen, Crystal, and Kyndra

Patsy is hilarious. :) At least Iris and I thought so in this picture!

Nancy, Suni, and Trish
The fun continued after naps when we all headed up to Ft. Worth to spend the evening visiting some friends with my brother and sister-in-law. We went swimming and had fajitas and watched the Rangers on TV while the kids played. It doesn't get much better than that!

Some of the VBS kids sang the week's theme song on stage on Sunday, and it was basically adorable. Okay, so it was mostly adorable for it the parents, but I'll share it here anyway. :) (It's kinda shaky because I was trying to watch it live instead of through my phone screen, but you get the gist.)

That was also my last Sunday as the children's ministry director, so it was bittersweet. I have a couple more things to do to close out everything this week, but I'm basically done. I know it's the right decision, but it feels kind of weird!

We decided to do our grocery shopping on Sunday night, so we made a dinner stop at IHOP first. The kids were so super sweet, and it was actually a pleasant family grocery experience. (And dinner for 4 people for only $5 is always a win. Yay for free dinner coupons!)

Monday wasn't super exciting because I had chiropractor and OB appointments, but the kids played in our blow up pool while Matt pulled weeds. I organized 5 huge bins of Avery's outgrown clothes and washed all of the newborn and 0-3 month clothes for Harper (two huge loads!), so I was tired. We watched Ramona and Beezus before and after a create-your-own pancake dinner (Avery loved the movie!) and then I worked at church with Kendra so we could organize some information she'll need to take over leadership of children's ministry.

And today I took the kids to Hawaiian Falls with our neighbors, Brooke (and Colbi!) and Whitney (and Heston!). Poor Matt didn't get to join in the fun this time, but we'll have to go back with him because the kids LOVED it. And it wore them out. Landon was asleep about 30 seconds after we left the parking lot.

We ran a zillion errands tonight so we could get some supplies for Avery's party this weekend, and we were gonna try to see my parents who just got back from Europe, but they were later getting in than expected, so that was a no go.

Tomorrow we're continuing the fun by taking the kids to see Despicable Me at the super cheap showing at a local theater!

Yay for summer! 

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