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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had a super fun day planned!

I started my morning at the chiropractor (by myself!) and left feeling like a human again. I'm so glad I'm up to weekly appointments for the rest of this pregnancy. I'm even more glad that they're cheap now that I've reached my deductible. :)

After I swung by the house, we took the kids to the library for the county's K-9 unit visit. I thought it was really interesting, but Landon just wanted run around the blanket and yell for the dogs while Avery was complaining that it was too hot and Matt was telling me that he already knew all that stuff from his ride-alongs with my police officer brother. Oh well.

We tried to go bowling with our Kids Bowl Free coupons, but the local bowling alley was totally booked until 3 pm. Boo. Apparently it's like that every Tuesday and Friday, so we'll have to catch another day to attempt it! So we went to the park with friends instead. Y'all, Texas is getting hot.

We forgot to pack lunches to eat at the park, so we decided to grab some lunch at Fuzzy's because I'm pregnant and yum, Mexican food. I guess this week's heat caught everybody off guard because their A/C was out, and it was ridiculously uncomfortable in there. Not to mention that the food was expensive and we were all sick to our stomachs before we even got home. Suffice it to say, Fuzzy's is no longer on my favorites list. And then we realized on the way home that there's a Taco Cabana in town now, so that would've been a cheaper and probably cooler alternative. Can't win 'em all.

Avery and Landon were worn out and took really long naps. Score. By the time they woke up it was dinner time, and we had a living room picnic to watch the Rangers on TV. Matt grilled hot dogs and corn on the cob to go with our broccoli and dill pickles for dinner, and he even busted out some grilled peaches for dessert.

Matt was a nice son-in-law and went to mow my parents' yard (they're in Europe--jealous!), so I took Avery and Landon to watch Allison's game in a 4 on 4 tournament. Sigh. I really miss playing. And I got to see lots of my former high school players, who are totally grown up now. Some have even graduated from college. Weird! 

Avery even got to practice on the field between games. She was so focused and worked so hard at dribbling and shooting (she's already pretty dang good at passing, especially for a three year old). I loved watching her play, and I cannot wait until she starts with a team this fall. Landon, on the other hand, enjoyed running around trying to grab the ball from her and standing behind the goal with his mouth on the net. He still has a couple years. :) 
I spent some time working on VBS stuff at church while the kids napped, and then we made homemade pizzas before grabbing some snow cones with Uncle Nick! (FYI, mixing blueberry and banana and adding cream does not make a snow cone taste like a blueberry banana smoothie. Bummer. Next time I'm sticking with wedding cake.)

Matt and Nick went to a movie, so I spent my Saturday night cutting fabric! (Try not to be too jealous.) Upon high recommendations, I started watching season 1 of Pretty Little Liars, but I'm not sure I'm gonna watch the whole thing. I'm only two episodes in, so I'll give it a fair shot, but so far it's just eh. 

Whew. I'm still recovering. We had to be at church super early because Matt was in charge of the worship service this morning. I was a substitute teacher in the PK/K Sunday School class, and that just about sucked up any energy I had. I love those kids, but let's just say that it was not a good idea for me to teach a class that Avery was in. We'll leave it at that.

We took Matt for a Father's Day lunch with some good friends at our favorite local burger place. It totally made up for our Fuzzy's experience on Friday, but their A/C was out, too!! 

I had to be back at church to set up for VBS (which starts tomorrow, eek!), and I was there until 9. Matt brought the kids up after their naps so he could practice with the band, so it was a very long day. And guess what. The A/C is halfway out at church, too. I think maybe I'm just not meant to enjoy cool air this week, which just seems mean. The church looks awesome (and I can't take any credit for the decorating; Cindy did an AMAZING job with her team!) though, and I know all the long hours will be totally worth it to see and hear kids learning about Jesus. 

I'll forgo the sappy sentimental post, but happy Father's Day to my amazing dad and to my phenomenal husband! Y'all are the best. :)

p.s. Rangers, please start winning again. This is getting ridiculous.

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