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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Harper: 1 Month

Why yes, it has been a month since I last blogged Harper's birth story. I kept meaning to write updates and how-we're-doing posts, but blogging has fallen way low on my priority scale lately. They say I'll eventually get back in my groove, but they also said that the transition from two kids to three was a piece of cake. They lied to me.

Anyway. Harper is one month old already! We like her a lot.

(from Harper's newborn shoot with Aunt Allison)

She's a big girl! At her two week checkup she weighed 9 lb 8 oz, was 20.5" long, and her head measures14.5".

We're super thankful that she's a good eater. She nurses about every two hours (unless she's sleeping) and takes about 30 minutes to nurse each time. Matt's been able to give her a bottle a couple of times, so I'm trying to pump and build up a small freezer stash for times when I'm out and can't get back within two hours.

Harper likes sleeping, too. Especially if someone's holding her. She prefers sleeping flat on her back in her bassinet and doesn't seem to love the Rock 'n Play. If she's fighting sleep, all we have to do is bounce her on the physio ball and she's out. She's pretty good at sleeping with lots of noise, which is a plus since her siblings have two volumes: silent or loud.

She wore newborn sizes for about two weeks, and then I just couldn't squeeze her into them anymore! She's in 0-3 month sizes now and has some room to grow (although she'll probably move up a size in sleepers soon, yikes!). She wears a size 1 diaper, but we started cloth diapering this week! Since this is her one month post though, I'll save that for her two month update (or maybe even a separate post).

We've had an interesting time adjusting to baby #3, but thankfully we're getting into the swing of things again. I need to write a separate post about this, too.

But Harper has been a very sweet addition to our family, and we love her sweet smiles and coos. And those chunky thighs and squeezy cheeks are to die for. We're so excited to watch her grow up! As long as she doesn't do it too quickly. :)

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