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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Harper's First Ranger Game + Our Weekend

Since Avery and Landon's first Ranger games were when they were 6 weeks and 4 weeks old respectively, we decided that Harper needed to get to a game as a newborn, and we were running out of time!

On Wednesday we packed up the kids (and lots of snacks) and headed to our first game as a family of five.
We saw Jon Daniels as we were walking through the parking lot!

The boy was already tired, as evidenced by the thumb in his mouth.

It was an exciting week to be at the Ballpark since we were in a tight wild card race, and aside from the terrible hot dogs, we had a great time!

We only made it to the 8th inning, but Harper was hungry and the big kids were exhausted. Landon actually asked to go home, so we knew he was serious if he wanted to leave the Rangers!

Friday was Homecoming in our little town, so I took the kids to the afternoon parade. Matt was on the choir float, so we made sure to wave wildly at him! Avery and Landon really weren't into it at first, but once the candy start coming their way, they were sold.  Harper slept the whole time because she's still a little boring.

I took off after bed time and went to craft night at church. I somehow managed to be productive and not spend the whole time talking, so I consider that a success. I'm trying to work on inventory for my Etsy shop so I can do some craft fairs this season, so I'm on a deadline!  Also, I'm completely caught up on orders for the first time in months. That is a very big deal. YAY!

Matt spent all day on Saturday at district choir auditions. And by all day I mean that he left at 6:50 AM and didn't get home until 9:30 PM. It sucked to be him.

Because of some game time changes, I was going to be on my own for Avery's soccer game, so my parents took Landon to the Ranger game with them. They had really great seats, and he had a blast! Avery's game did not go so well, so I guess in this case I'm glad they don't keep score, haha.

Since Landon got to do something special, I let Avery choose where she wanted to eat lunch. I was sure she'd pick Branded Burger, but she picked Chick-fil-a. Sigh. So the girls and I stopped and ate there on the way to my aunt and uncle's house about 45 minutes away. 

Harper was a pretty quiet date!

Since she didn't want a picture at the table, I caught one while she was hiding under it.

Why were we going there? Because by some miracle, a large amount of my extended family were able to get together just because. It wasn't a holiday or anything! My cousin Zach even made it up from Houston; we haven't seen him in almost four years (he's been off at the Citadel and deployed and minor things like that, gosh).
My dad found the blocks!

Amy and baby Margaret sandwiched between Nana and Pop

Brittany, Chelsea, Zach, and Aunt Cristi

Aunt Kay with an extra chunky looking Harper

Um, it was WAY too cold to be swimming.

Staring at Aunt Teresa

The boys! Nick, Aaron, Landon, and Zach

Well, we started a game of Ticket to Ride anyway. We'll have to actually finish one next time. (Also, I'm pretty sure I make the same face as Avery all the time.)

The kids' favorite game: Throw the balls in the pool and scoop them out with a net. They were heavily supervised, haha.

Cousins! And only a week apart!

My kids didn't nap at all on Saturday, so I was sure they'd sleep the whole way home that night. Of course they were awake the entire time. And Harper was screaming. During the whole drive. Fun times.

Sunday brought the promise of a completely unrelaxing day. Matt had to be at church early, so I flew solo again and got the kids dressed and ready and out the door on time. It's the little things.

After church we had a celebratory birthday lunch at Macaroni Grill with my family. My dad and Aaron both have birthdays next week, so we combined them.

Matt and my dad took the kids to my parents' so they could "rest" (ha!) while my mom went grocery shopping with me and Harper. Except that at Sprouts it turned into my mom doing the shopping for me while I took Harper to the car to nurse her. I don't know why she always wants to eat at the most inconvenient times, haha. We made it through Aldi in just enough time to race back to my house to drop off the cold stuff and pick up Avery's AWANA bag while Matt and the kids met us at church, where I got to work with my little Sparkies for the first time this year. I missed them!

After two days in a row of no naps, we shoved some food into the kids and got them in bed tonight early enough for us to catch the season premiere of Revenge. This season looks as intense as the first two! And now I just need to catch the Nashville episode I missed on Wednesday.

Also, I need to find my camera so I can get some decent pictures, and the Rangers need to win tomorrow.

The end.

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