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Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Five

1. It is COLD! Brrrr. I'm writing this on a wonderful February surprise of a snow day. We made it through 5 periods at school yesterday, and after stubbornly refusing to call it a day, "they" finally gave in and released us at 1:45. Of course, by the time the parking lot full of novice drivers cleared out, I got my own car out on the road, and somehow managed to pick up Avery from school, we didn't get home until 4:00. Oh, and I made it all the way home without any problems but then got the car stuck in our driveway and couldn't get in the garage. Go figure. And the worst part about it is that Matt's out of town at TMEA with the other music nerds and can't even enjoy the time off with us.

2. I believe this snow deserves two numbers because I have never ever seen this much snow in Texas and it is totally blowing my mind. Although it is kind of annoying to check Facebook and see nothing but snow updates/pictures. Yes people, we are all aware that it snowed. In Texas. Maybe I shouldn't check my Facebook and go do something more productive. I'll get right on that.

3. It's tax time again! Normally I have our taxes done by now. Maybe I should add that to today's To Do List.

4. Speaking of that list, I seriously need to clear out the clutter from my house. It's driving me crazy, but I can't seem to get myself in gear to actually do it. Any motivational suggestions?

5. Valentine's Day is on Sunday. Hmm. I'm a little bit of a Valentine's hater, but I'm recovering. No matter how many times I tell Matt not to do anything, he ends up doing it anyway, and usually I don't even mind. Especially if it involves chocolate. Mmm chocolate. Eh, we'll go to the youth fundraiser banquet on Saturday and eat fajitas on Sunday, and that will be plenty of Valentine's Day for me.

The love of my life comes home TOMORROW, and Avery and I need to pass the time today so we don't go crazy all snowed in and everything. I think it's time to face the snow. Happy Friday!


Lea said...

Enjoyed your "Friday 5." I live in North Louisiana but I'm in Oklahoma visiting my daughter right now, so I've missed the snow and can't say that I regret it. I am not a "lover of snow." :o) Hope it is a very Happy Valentine's week-end for you!

thecoolmom said...

I'm loving the snow, awaiting Valentine's Day, and procrastinating on my taxes. LOL I hope you enjoyed your day off. Have a good Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

I hate when the hubby has to be away. My husband had a training to go to when the baby was 1 month old...and I was left with her and a clingy 2yo. Yikes! No snow here in San francisco Bay Area, but apparently everywhere else. We should get on those taxes soon too. I think we finally got the last of our tax forms.We've hoping to get some clutter evicted from our home this weekend....or Monday actually. We're not big on V-day either. Probably getting together with family for Chinese New Year though.

Kati said...

Yay for snow! I just put up my "snow post" :> I have to be motivated to anti-clutter some music you love! That usually helps me a little. We went and saw "Valentine's Day" last night--and were disappointed! :(

SusanC said...

Spring Cleaning starts with Small Things -- keep checking the Home Sanctuary blog. Did you do your cleaning 'schedule' with Rachel?

MrsJenB said...

I bet you're glad to have him home!

Funny, I completely forgot that tomorrow was V Day - we had to schedule a training session tomorrow at my father-in-law's rehab center to get ready for his impending homecoming, and my husband kept asking me if I was okay with it. Finally I got annoyed and said "Why would I not be? It's Sunday, whatever!". Later he told me his brother can't be there because they have Valentine's plans, and it all clicked! He remembered and I didn't! I felt terrible for snapping.