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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekend Update

What's wrong with a mid-week weekend update? Nothing, I say!

Friday night was pretty typical as of late. I ran the clock for the varsity soccer games (I'm still trying to get used to being in the press box and not on the field. It's hard not really being a part of the team.) and when I got home at 10, I even got to see Avery before she went to sleep (she's been taking late naps lately that have thrown off her bed time). Allison and her Matt came in town, so they came over along with Nick to hang out with us play Super Mario Brothers on our Wii. We only have three controllers, so Allison and I hung out while the boys played. Note to self: don't try on your wedding dress until you are back to the stick you apparently were when you got married. It's depressing.

Saturday morning Matt had to leave early for UIL Solo and Ensemble, so I thought I might sleep in with Avery. Avery didn't agree though, so we had an early morning. We played and played and played, and then went to lunch at Petaluma with Nick, Allison, and Al's boyfriend, Matt. We headed over to Bakery on the Hill for cupcakes, and then Avery, Nick and I wandered through the Old Navy baby sale. The new Old Navy is weird! It totally threw me off, so I didn't even buy anything. The colors overwhelmed me. So home we went for Avery's afternoon nap since she had been such a trooper while we were out.
Saturday night we were adventurous! We went to this little rinky dink hibachi in Arlington and it. was. yummy. We went with my family (minus Aaron and Chelsea) and had a blast watching our dinner cooked right at our table. Our cook (or is it chef? or hibachi man?) even flipped eggs on his spatula without breaking them and then when he was ready to crack it, he made it land on the spatula sideways with a clean break. It was too cool.
Sunday made me a little nervous because it was my first Sunday in the children's wing without my trusty assistant (she was out of town but graciously got the rooms ready before she left-- thanks Kendall!). Plus it was the first Sunday of the month when all of our teachers rotate and we usually have one logistical nightmare after another. It actually went more smoothly than I could've ever anticipated; in fact, I just kept waiting for some crisis to arise because I was so sure that the smooth ride was a fluke. Honestly, God has been teaching me so much through this new ministry. Things like how to work with volunteers (vs. paid workers; it's a different beast!), dependence on Him (this is a regular in His lesson plans), and countless other lessons that would take a whole blog to explain. I am not there yet. At all. And I have a feeling there's much more to come in this adventure called children's ministry.

We went to lunch with my friend Kendra, where we got to discuss a couple of upcoming events! Eek-- I can't wait to share what they are because I am just so stinking excited, but alas I must wait until things are official.

After lunch we had praise team practice up at the church, and then we didn't do anything exciting for the Super Bowl because 1) we had been gone all day and just wanted to be home, and 2) I just didn't really care about the game. There, I said it. (Although I was rooting for the Colts.) I actually spent the evening, not in front of the TV, but in front of my stove, blender, and sink as I made a couple batches of food for Avery (butternut squash and green beans). I'll be blogging soon about my attempts at making homemade baby food. Here's a preview.
I had to include this picture. Avery's such a poser. She hasn't quite figured out how to drink from the sippy cup, but she sure loves to hold it and chew the spout.
And then Monday was back to the grind, but you know, it wasn't all that bad.

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Kati said...

I like that scarf! I've been wanting to go to Sprinkles...a cupcake shop in Dallas. :) How cute is Avery in her pig shirt!!?