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Monday, October 4, 2010

15 month update

My next Avery update will not be three months in the making. Too much happens in that span of time to try to remember and update in one post. Here's my attempt:

Avery, at 15 months you are:
  • 25.5 lbs and 33.75 inches tall. Strangers always think you're at least 2 when they meet you because you look so much older! You're off the charts for height, but you're right in the middle for your weight, which means that your weight is slightly below average for your height. But we think you're just right.
  • wearing size 4 diapers and 18 month clothes (although we're starting to transition to 24 month and 2t).
  • talking up a storm. You've added a whole list of words to your vocabulary: book, bath, water, milk, baby (your favorite word!), no, dog, eyes, nose, mouth, shoe, sock, door, book, shadow, sit, snack, bubble, shark, poopoo, wet, diaper, 'side (inside or outside, depending on which side of the door you'd like to be, haha!), walk, down, up, jump, Mommy, Daddy, Meg, Sadie, hi, bye, and so many more! You also repeat most names, but you refuse to say "Allison." You just spit every time we ask you to say her name. It's cute now, but she might start getting offended if you keep it up too much longer!
  • very social. You wave at anything with legs, and you give high fives and fist bumps ("pound it!"). You have a precious little smile and you love to play with other kids. You're fascinated with older kids and try to follow what they do, and your face just lights up when you see a "bebe."
  • active! You started walking on the first day of school (August 23) when you walked to Daddy when he got home. We haven't been able to stop you since. You love to play chase and crawl up onto the couch (and right back down again!). 
  • wearing shoes. That one took awhile, but you love them now! The second you see me pick one up, you start yelling, "Shoe! Shoe! Shoe! Shoe!" until I get it on your foot. 
  • loving the Backyardigans. Well, you really just love the music; you tune out when they're not singing. Both the theme song and the shhhh secret agent song can calm you down any time you're upset. Kendra and I actually had to listen to Secret Agent in the car for 2 hours on repeat when we were driving home from Brownwood because it was the only way you would stay asleep!
  • jumping. Hehehe, this is the cutest thing ever. When we tell you to jump, you just squat down and then pop right back up. You haven't quite gotten air yet, but you are very proud of yourself every time you "Jump!"
  • ahem, very aware of your bodily functions. This week you started telling us when you're wet or when you "poopoo" by saying the appropriate word and grabbing your diaper. We might be starting the potty training process a little sooner than expected...
  • so loving. You give the best hugs and kisses! You always say "Ohhh" and pat people when you hug them, and you learned how to blow kisses.
  • fascinated with baby dolls. Your favorite word is "baby," so it's fitting that your dolls are your favorite toys. You're so sweet with them! Well, when you're not slamming them down on the ground because you like the noise it makes. :) 
  • mulletless! You got your first "haircut" last week because Ms. Cindy was appalled that I was letting you walk around with a mullet. She snipped off just a little of the hair in the back, and we've even managed to get your hair in a ponytail a couple of times (much to your dismay)! 
  • growing up way too fast. You bring so much joy to our lives, and we're so blessed to call you ours. We love you, baby girl! 

Mommy and Daddy


Anonymous said...

Weren't our little ones just born yesterday? They grow up so fast. And it's amazing how much they learn each day. Enjoy!

Brooklynn said...

So glad Matt stopped by the other day with Avery! I feel like I haven't seen her in forever and they just grow up so fast!

I kept telling Matt "She's so big!"

I'm afraid I might be one of those ladies who consistently tells kids "I knew you when you were this tall." HA!