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Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Five

1. I've been a bad blogger these days. Usually I catch up on my posts while Avery is napping, but lately I haven't been able to peel myself away from the couch after sitting down for "just a second." Too. tired. must. get. rest.

2. This week was pretty tough because, like I mentioned on Monday, we had to find a new home for one of our dogs, Sadie.  We took Sadie in when she was a year old, right before Avery was born. Our friends were looking for a new home for her, she was super sweet, and we thought it would be good for our dog Nutmeg (who we rescued from the shelter when she was 8 weeks old) to have a playmate when we were busy with the baby or at work. Well, after over a year, Nutmeg never got over her territorial nature, so the dogs had not been getting along at all; since we're down to one income we're struggling to pay our own bills, much less those for two dogs; we just hadn't been able to pour enough attention into Sadie to fully housetrain her so she can be part of the family; and our backyard neighbors have been making our lives a nightmare. Still.

As sad as we were to see Sadie go, she went to the ideal home for her. A couple that I knew from high school had just lost their 14-year-old lab, and they came over to meet Sadie soon after I posted a note on Facebook that we were looking for a home for her. They loved her and ended up taking her home with them that day. It all happened much faster than I expected, but it really is the best situation for her. She's finally able to be the family dog without having to fight for attention with her territorial sister. And now she has two kids to play with instead of just one.

3. Fridays are our chill days. We have a pretty set routine from Monday to Thursday, so on Fridays Avery and I hang out in our pajamas until around 9 and then we just do whatever we (um, I) feel like. Today we went with my friend Valerie and her two kids to an outdoor mall that has a pretty cool play area and then to lunch at Chick-fil-a. Even though Valerie and I didn't get to catch up as much as we'd like (it's amazing how much attention three kids require, haha!), it was nice to just hang out with somebody who gets what your life is like. Avery was a little shy today, but I think she enjoyed the company as well. :) And I scored two shirts and three pairs of socks for Avery at Old Navy for a grand total of $4.01.

4. This weekend isn't much different from most of our weekends: busy. Matt has to chaperone a choir lock-in tonight, which means I'm on my own again. I know I shouldn't complain; it could be much worse. But he's going straight to church tomorrow after the lock-in is over at 7am to help with some technical stuff in the sanctuary. Then on Saturday night we're having some of the Little Women cast over to watch the taped performance, and as excited as I am to see everybody, my house isn't quite together. Sunday is another full day with church, choir practice, more church, and getting the house back together in time for another week to begin. One of these days we will keep a weekend free to just spend time as a family, whatever that's like.

5. My Rangers are ONE win away from going to the World Series! I'm so hoping they pull it off tonight because I'm super nervous about what would happen if the Yankees forced a game 7. I'm still debating whether or not I'm going to try to go watch the game at my parents' (i.e. put Avery to bed there and bring her home after she's been sleeping for 3 hours) or just suck it up and listen on the radio at home. Stupid TBS for buying the rights to the ALCS.

Have a great weekend and GO RANGERS!


Kati said...

Sorry you had to see your dog go
:( I'm still made at mine...he got in again today! argh. Hope your Rangers pull it off tonight!

Anonymous said...

1. You have the right to be a "bad" blogger from time to time. The hubs and kid's gotta eat sometime, right? =p
2. Sorry to hear about your dog.
3. Tuesdays were our chill days, but MOPS started up and it's every other Tuesday, so Fridays are our chill days now. =) And it's PJ day all day to because it's raining outside. We're totally going to Old Navy tomorrow. There's some good online only deals going on too.
4. It's tough when the hubby is away. Enjoy the get together.
5. I haven't been keeping up, but I think SF Giants are one away from WS too!!!