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Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Five

1. How 'bout them Rangers!?!? Holy cow! From the time we saw them play on opening day this year, we knew there was something special about this team, and so far, they're proving us right. All those years of being a die-hard fan when they were the joke of the metroplex are paying off because we are ON FIRE! Two road games against the 1st place team in the East to start off the postseason? No big deal. We're up two games to zero and have scored a combined total of 11 runs to their one. I'm even willing to overlook the annoying "fans" who are jumping on the bandwagon even though they haven't given a crap about the Rangers since 1999 (ahem, the last time we made it past the regular season). I'm too stinkin' excited to care! Come on, boys. Take those Rays in three (or four. or five. as long as you win the series.).

2. I started Bible Study Fellowship a couple of weeks ago. If you're not familiar with BSF, it's an international weekly Bible study that focuses on a book of the Bible for a year. This year's study is on Isaiah, and it's been fantastic so far. It's really challenging me to get in the Word consistently, and since I don't get to go to Sunday School because of children's ministry commitments, I've been thankful to participate in this study. I've already learned so much about God's sovereignty, judgment, and hope, and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year holds.

3. Hopefully I will never need to take Avery to one of my doctor appointments ever again. I have learned my lesson. Nightmare unnecessary to relive.

4. This is the time of the school year I've been waiting for. As much as I've loved staying home with Avery, there are times that I really miss teaching. However. This six weeks is research for the sophomores. If you've never tried to teach 150 15-year-olds how to write a formal argumentative paper using MLA format, you're missing out lucky. And if that part isn't bad enough, at the end of the unit, you have to grade 150 120 said papers. And after that, you get to deal with psychotic lovely parents who don't understand how their darling child got a zero because they would never plagiarize, or the parents who "red and editted there child's paper and didnt catch any missteaks," or the parent who thinks it was completely unfair that their child got 20 points taken off of the grade because they turned it in late; didn't I realize that their computer crashed and they ran out of printer ink at midnight the night before it was due?!? So at this moment, I'm relishing the fact that I am free of that excruciatingly painful experience.

5. Weekend plans: watch the Ranger game (duh) and go to Kendra's birthday party on Saturday night, and then it's church, the state fair, and Shrek on Sunday!


joyceandnorm said...

1. I haven't kept up with sports for awhile (can we still be friends?) but I just checked the stats. Wow! Rangers! But I have to cheer on the SF Giants over here. (again, can we still be friends?)

2. Heard some good stuff about BSF. I'm glad you're able to attend. I think a lot of church leaders who do a lot of "feeding" don't get "fed" enough.

3. Eek!

4. Oh, tell me about it. I was a PreK teacher and some of our parents seriously thought their kids were perfect angels if any of the teachers ever had to talk to them about something their kid did. For high schoolers, their parents really need to not interfere with that because they can't rescue their children from missteaks forever.

5. Have fun this weekend!

Brooklynn said...

Lady, you are way too busy!!!

Have fun at the fair on Sunday. I went last week, ate way too much, and the weather was gorgeous!

Hopefully, Avery will have a blast too!! :)