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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

22 Months

    Avery, you are 22 months (and one week, haha!) old!! 
    • You're 35.5 inches tall, and you wear size 2T/3T clothes and size 7 shoes. You are no longer in diapers because you are...
    • ...potty trained!! Well, you still wear a Princess Pull-Up to bed for naps and at night because I just don't feel like washing sheets that often, although most days you wake up dry.
    • You absolutely love for us to read to you, and Dr. Seuss is by far your favorite. You always ask us to read "Socks in Fox Sir," and you already know a lot of the book! The other night at dinner, Nene asked you what you wanted to talk about, and you promptly answered, "Tweetle beetles" because one of the sections of the book starts off by saying, "Let's have a little talk about tweetle beetles." Daddy and I could not stop laughing (not to mention we were amazed that you made that connection)!
    • You're speaking in so many sentences now that I really need to write down the things you say! You're just hilarious, mostly because the things you say are just so unexpected!
    • You love to sing! Your favorites are "Jesus Loves Me," the ABCs, "Twinkle Twinkle," "Deep and Wide," and you sing lots of others when we sing with you.
    • You count to 10 (although about half the time you forget about 2), and you can identify a few letters and colors. You know tons of animals and their sounds though!
    • While you still love Elmo and Sesame Street, you've recently developed a love of princesses. Go figure! I think it started when we let you watch Tangled.
    • Speaking of things you love, you are a huge Texas Rangers fan. You've already been to 4 games this season, and you actually sit and watch and cheer during the games. You were even on the big screen at the last game we went to! It's so much fun to take you with us! You'll randomly chant, "Let's go, Rangers!" when you're falling asleep in bed (after you sing "Jesus Loves Me" to yourself!). One morning when we were on our way to Mother's Day Out, you started crying and whining, and when I asked you what was wrong, you just cried, "Listen to Ranger game!" I had to explain that they don't play in the mornings. :) And you got a new Rangers shirt from Aunt Carrie this week! You threw a fit when I made you take it off (after wearing it for a game and then sleeping in it overnight!). 
    • You have such a sweet, sensitive heart though. If someone is upset, you always give them a hug, ask "What's wrong?" and tell them not to cry. And while you definitely test the limits with Daddy and me, you have a good grasp on what you should and shouldn't do, and you seem genuinely remorseful when you get in trouble (which isn't that often).
    • Bedtime has been a little bit challenging this month. You've figured out that there's nothing keeping you in bed anymore, so naturally you get out as soon as we tuck you in. After trying numerous techniques to keep you in there, the one that seems to work is putting up a baby gate at your door. You get out of bed when we leave, come to the door and talk for a little bit, sometimes whimper for a minute, and then get right back in bed and fall asleep.
    • You are such a morning person (you do not get that from me!). Whenever you wake up, you start yelling, "Daddy, Mommy, I'm awake! I'm awake!" You're just a happy little camper when you get up!
    You are just our precious girl, and we're so blessed and thankful that God gave us YOU! We love you!

    Mommy and Daddy

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