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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just a little update.

So this post started out as a weekend update, but now that it's Wednesday, I think I'll just make it a catch-all. It's not even that exciting. Trust me.

We had a good weekend, during which...

...I finished three sets of coasters for shower hostess gifts. I seriously love the way they turned out, especially because I super-simplified the way I made two of the sets. I just did solid pieces instead of patchwork, and it made them SO much quicker to make. Plus, that way I don't get overwhelmed with fabric coordination since I just have to choose two fabrics instead of five. And then I didn't even get a picture of the finished product. Go figure.

...Avery and I had a fun Welcome Home, Allison dinner at my parents' house (although we missed Matt, Aaron, and Chelsea!). Again, no pictures. (Come on, Heather!)

...we caught a couple of good garage sales while we were running errands and Matt was working at school on a weekend (not that I'm complaining because this actually paid extra). 

This sells for $18.99 on Amazon, and I got it for $1 in perfect condition.
And this one is on Amazon for $37.99, but we got it for $2. It was in great shape but needed a cleaning. Shoot, I'll clean the thing to save $36.
...Avery and I went and hung out with Matt in the sound booth at the show choir concert.

...I spent Sunday morning in the ER with my dad, who found out he has a kidney stone. :(

...some friends threw a shower for Landon.

...we had some major bedtime battles with Avery.

And so far this week...

...I've fallen asleep in two movies that I really wanted to see (The Fighter and The King's Speech)

...we're still having bedtime issues (our sweet little girl has recently decided that she doesn't need to stay in bed when she's supposed to), but I think we're making progress.

...I've been working like a busy little bee in Landon's room trying to get it ready before he gets here.

...I've been a blubbering mess of hormones. Someone make it stop! Okay, fine, so it probably won't stop until after Landon is born (and he really needs to hold off until I'm considered full term on Monday), and even then, I'll have more hormones to contend with. Aah! Maybe y'all should pray for Matt. :)

...Avery hit the 22-month mark (and I still haven't finished her blog post)!

Today I've definitely been nesting (with the help of a very cute little girl!) and really need to finish up a few things while Avery naps so we can run errands when she wakes up. Someone please make me get up off the couch...


Kati said...

Heather, I'm sorry about the hormones... Nooo fun. Will pray for you and Matt :> I am definitely going to have to come to you for bedtime advice later!

You're doing great and I am seriously impressed with all you've kept up with this late in your pregnancy. Like sewing!

Anonymous said...

Great garage sale finds!!

Hormones are crazy! I will def pray for Matt. All the things we put our hubbies through. =p