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Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Fun

 We've been trying to do lots of special Christmas-y things this season since this is the first year Avery's really been into it. We've been doing the advent activity calendar, but we've been pretty, um, flexible with our activities. Let's just say that there are days that we pull out the day's activity and tell her that it says something completely different.

We're supposed to open a new Christmas book and we forgot to buy it? That's okay, Avery can't read that little slip of paper yet. And that day's activity quickly becomes "eat that candy cane you got in your bag at Breakfast With Santa." Haha, we're good parents, I promise.

Here's some fun stuff we've done this month:

Decorate our (teeny tiny) Christmas tree. It can't even hold up our tree topper, but we love it. It's so skinny and pre-lit and perfect, and we don't even have to move any furniture to fit it in our living room.
Watch the Polar Express at bedtime! Landon didn't really stay up much longer than the opening credits, but Avery was enthralled. I was shocked that she watched the entire thing. I had forgotten that it's kind of a boring movie, but she didn't seem to think so.

It might've helped that she really loves popcorn. I think that's genetic. I've never seen a family who loves popcorn more than mine. We're weird.

Breakfast with Santa.

January is going to have to be our "get off the sugar high" detox month. I think the girl was happy to be decorating some cookies! Shoot, give me cookies and a bunch of icing and sprinkles and I smile that big, too.

Avery just adores Ms. Amy! She helped her make some reindeer food at Breakfast with Santa.

"Daddy, stop taking all these pictures of me already!"

We packaged up some snowman poop to give Avery's classmates at their Happy Birthday, Jesus party at school. Yes, my child is the one who will give yours poop. What can I say, she really likes poop.
We've also done some more stuff like make a present for Matt, buy an Angel Tree gift, make paper snowflakes, eat lots of baked goods, and other stuff that I didn't take pictures of, but we're having a great month celebrating Jesus' birthday.

Although I'm pretty sure I'm going to be very tired of singing Away in a Manger by the time Christmas actually gets here. It's her very favorite song and she wants to sing it all the time. If we can just get her to like singing solo, we'll be golden.

Speaking of Christmas actually getting here, I still have a KAJILLION presents to make and I'm just sitting laying here on my couch writing a sub-par blog entry as to avoid doing anything productive.

Mmm, I could really go for some hot chocolate right now. Anyone want to make the recipe I posted here and bring me an oversized mug full of it?

I would love you forever.

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joyceandnorm said...

I had some other comments, but you ended on poop and I've lost all train of thought. =p

Love all the activities. Love popcorn. =)