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Friday, December 2, 2011

Landon: 6 Months

How has it been half a year already?!?!

This little dude just adds so much life to this house, and we love him like crazy! His little personality is really coming out now. We've had so much fun watching him grow and do new things!

Sweet Landon, here's what you've been up to this month:
  • You had your 6 month check up today, and you're still off the charts! You weigh 20 lb 7 oz, you're 28.5 inches tall, and your head circumference is 18". You wear mostly 12 month clothes, but you still fit in a lot of your 9 month outfits. You're still comfortably in a size 3 diaper.
  • You sit up pretty well on your own now, but we usually sit you in the Boppy or our laps because you're still a little wobbly. 
  • You're pretty close to crawling already! You roll all over the floor to get to new places, and you've started pulling those knees up to get yourself moving.
  • Sleeping is still one of your strong suits. :) You sleep all night (mostly) from about 7:30 pm to 7:30 am, and you nap a couple times a day. You get a 1-2 hour afternoon nap, and the length of your morning nap is hit or miss, depending on our schedule (which means that sometimes it's in the car).
  • You make all sorts of fun noises these days. There are lots of squeals and general "yelling," and you really sound like you're trying to talk to us when you get on a roll. Avery likes to translate what she thinks you're saying.
  • You've started eating baby food, but you're really not a big fan. So far all we've tried is rice cereal, bananas, applesauce, and sweet potatoes. I think that I haven't been making the consistent smooth enough, so part of your dislike is probably my fault. We were really wanting to wait until you turned 6 months to start you on solids anyway, so we'll really start picking it up now. I think you need some green beans or peas soon. :)
  • You have a tooth! One of your bottom ones poked through a couple of weeks ago, and I think you're working on some more.
  • Life's a party and you love to play. You grab everything! You love to play with your toys and in your jumper and exersaucer. You also love it when we sing to you and play peekaboo. Everything Avery does makes you smile, and you watch her every move. You two are going to be quite the pair!

Stop growing so quickly. :)

We love you,
Mommy and Daddy

1 comment:

joyceandnorm said...

Happy half year!! Love that last pic. Cute.