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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nick and Brittany Say "I Do"

My little brother got married today! Nick and Brittany make the sweetest couple, and I'm excited to have a new sister! This weekend has totally worn me out, so I'll just give you a post in {mostly} pictures.

My handsome men enjoying some Babe's at the rehearsal dinner. Yes, Matt rocks a bowtie.

Our good friends Carlos and Kendra with three-DAY-old Camila!

Cade: "You are NOT a big girl." Avery: "But I AM!"

"Brothers don't shake hands; brothers gotta hug." Best man speech!

Maid of Honor Speech

Avery LOVED her Rangers dress and wedding jewelry from Brittany and Nick!

The adorable flower girl on the wedding day (with aforementioned Rangers dress)!

Cutest flower girl ever!

I told you she was the cutest!


Nick's surprise groom's cake. I can't believe my mom kept this a secret! It was SO Nick.

Hanging out with my handsome dude before the wedding. (Thanks, Alyssa, for watching him and Evie during the ceremony!)

Chelsea and Evelyn

Mommy :)

Allison and her man, Isaac

My brother Aaron with his gorgeous wife, Chelsea, and adorable Evelyn. Also, check out the brown box because they had the cutest reception set up, complete with a yummy boxed dinner (aka no waiting in line for food. Win!).

First dance

Brittany surprised Nick by singing Ingrid Michaelson's "The Way I Am"

No words.

Mom and Nick dancin' to a little Nickel Creek.

Avery and her friends Hailey and Anne were hilarious to watch on the dance floor. Little girl giggles are the BEST.

I couldn't get a great picture, but Avery and Hailey were actually really good on the dance floor! They were twirling each other and for real dancing. The whole time.

Off they go!

Everything about the wedding was so them. They planned so many little details, and it all came together perfectly.

I got zero pictures of my dad tonight, but I would like to say that I blame him for the fact that I was an emotional mess during the ceremony. If you don't know my dad, he has a very dry sense of humor (which is, in fact, pretty hilarious) and is usually emotionally stoic. But our weddings bring out real, evident emotion in him and it just gets me. I mean, we know he loves us like crazy, but to actually see him get choked up about it makes me all sentimental.

Also, I was a little embarrassed at/panicked by Avery's beginning tantrum at the start of the ceremony. Fortunately, that was quickly averted by Brittany's aunt who got her to sit with her in a seat instead of trying to climb all over the stage-- eek. So, you know, lots of emotions.

We have such amazing family and friends. They are so special and sweet and drama-free and are willing to just jump in and help make things happen. I know that about them all the time, but big events tend to remind me just how much I appreciate the people close to us.

So Nick, good job. And Brittany, welcome to the family. Sorry we're a little weird.


Melissa said...

Edie was playing with my phone last night, and when I grabbed it from her (I had too. It was getting a bit too slobbery)what had she found?? Your blog! So, even Edie enjoys it. =)

Melissa said...

to not too. My bad.