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Sunday, May 20, 2012

One Huge Update

Whew, we're on the tail end of a crazy weekend. I am SO glad that it's almost summer and that Matt will soon be home with us! Not that we'll even be home much, but we'll be together wherever we are.

Let's see, it's been over a week since I last blogged. Here's what you missed:

Choir Banquet: I was a good wife and went to Matt's choir banquet last Friday night. At least the food was good! It was also actually nice to get to see my husband for essentially the first time in a week. Even if it was while he DJ'd in front of a dance floor full of 15-year-olds.

Matt's Camping Trip: Matt left last Saturday morning for a testosterone-filled weekend, complete with guns, steak, and peeing on trees. The guys camped out for Nick's bachelor party, and they apparently had a great time. I'm just glad they came back alive, even if they did smell like they had been, well, camping for two days. And while they were gone, the girls got some fun time together since Chelsea came to stay with my mom.


Girl cousins :)

He's getting so BIG!

Grandma's girl :)

I'm glad my brothers pick such awesome chicks!
Mother's Day: We had lunch at my parents' and then Matt and I got to go on a real date to see The Avengers. Honestly, I didn't even want to see it, but I knew Matt would, and there wasn't another movie that looked much better. But it was good! Because we're still kind of lame, we went to Walmart afterward to go grocery shopping. It was the only place open at midnight. Yeah, there's a reason I don't shop there, and I'm reminded every time I do what that reason is. Yikes. But happy Mother's Day to me (and my awesome Mom and Mother-in-Law!).

Sewing: I had an excuse to do a little sewing when my neighbor Whitney requested a tag blanket for her little boy. I love the way it turned out! p.s. I wonder if Landon would still enjoy one or if he's too old. p.p.s. Look for these on my Etsy shop late summer/early fall!

New Phone: I mentioned in this post that I loved my new HTC Freestyle. I spoke too soon. I had it for less than a week before it gave me so many figurative headaches that I gave up. Seriously, it constantly froze, requiring the battery to be taken out and replaced (which was surprisingly really tricky), made me ear dial all the time (making random calls in the middle of a call), and had the shortest battery life I've ever seen. It was awful. So I called and made them send me a different phone. I got the Pantech Link II and am SO much happier with it. Yay for a phone that works.

Choir Concert/Athletic Banquet: Matt's spring choir concert fell on the same night as the athletic banquet for the school where I coach soccer, so I had to miss his show. I was so bummed. But I did steal borrow an outfit from Allison, who freaked out when she saw me because apparently I was actually dressed like a cool kid for the first time in my life. I had no idea that my sense of style was usually so bad.

Brittany's Shower: We threw a fun little lingerie shower for my future sister-in-law on Friday night. I think everybody had a good time, and it was great (albeit a little awkward considering the occasion) to see some of my former students and soccer players!

Brittany with her friends

Teacher Training: I don't talk about children's ministry too much on the bloggy, but I have the BEST volunteers in the entire world working in our children's ministry. They came up to the church for our annual training meeting on a Saturday, and they are the biggest encouragement. I couldn't ask for a better group of teachers for our kids.

Aaron's Recital: My brother is graduating from UNT with his master's in vocal performance, so he had his final performance on Saturday afternoon. He is SO talented, and his recital was amazing! I'm so proud of him! After the recital and reception, our family and Chelsea's family went to their house for a cookout. It made for a VERY long day, but it was a good one!

Nana and Landon

Matt and Daniel (Aaron's college roommate) taking on my dad in foosball

Avery loves playing washers

Photo courtesy of Avery

Aaron, the grillmaster!

Avery with her sweet Aunt Chelsea

L-R: Chelsea's grandparents, my parents, Avery, my grandmother, and Chelsea's mom

I had to include this picture to show you how good Matt is looking these days! He's lost so much weight by eating better and exercising, and I'm really proud of him.

Baby Shower: There was a baby shower today after church for my sweet friend Charity. She's having a little girl soon, and then she's joining her husband, Ndolembai, in Africa for awhile. They are such a cool family, and we're gonna miss them a lot!

Matt has a pretty chill work week, and Nick and Brittany's wedding is next weekend. Summer's around the corner!

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Anonymous said...

I don't even know where to begin. :) Sounds like you all are having a busy fun time! My BIL is getting married first Sat of June so I know all about the festivities going on... :p