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Thursday, June 7, 2012

NeNe's Visit!

I'm on VBS overload. We start next week, and I'm about to lose my mind. The thing is, I know it's going to come together, but I want it to be perfect. Now the question is Do I want it to be perfect so I look good or do I want it to be perfect so more kids have real experiences with God? And if it's the latter, does it really even have to be perfect for that to happen? My motivation should be the latter, and the answer to that question is no.

Anyway, I need a break from that. Here's a blog post.

After Landon's birthday party on Saturday my AWESOME mother-in-law stayed at our house so I could work at church on Tuesday and Wednesday while Matt was at tech training. She left today, and we miss her already! Especially since my attempt to take the kids to church with me so I could work today was a big fat fail, haha.

So here's what we did while NeNe was here.


We went to the zoo! It was practically empty and made for an awesome visit. One of the koalas was actually awake this time!

We had to stop by Costco on our way home so I could grab a few groceries, so we ate lunch there for time saving purposes. Don't judge; they have awesome pizza.

Since our zoo trip lasted a little too long, we dropped Matt off at the high school for his CPR training and then stopped at a local gift boutique that's going out of business. I'm really bummed they're closing, but since the entire store was 60% off, I did score a super cute laptop case, a cell phone wristlet, and a display fixture (for merchandise storage and also in case I ever decide to do a craft fair) for only $20 total!

I dropped the kiddies and NeNe off at home for naptime before jetting off to the grocery store (by myself! woohoo!). I swung by to pick Matt up on my way home, so I had some library browsing time while I waited for him. I think I overestimated the amount of time I'll have this week, but I have three books and two movies with my name on them!

We went to Nick and Brittany's temporary residence for swimming and a cookout, and Carlos and Kendra even joined us!

Matt had his men's leadership Bible study that night, so Arlene and I watched Midnight in Paris after the kids went to sleep. Well, we didn't actually finish it. Have you seen it? It's completely weird. And not in a cool way.


I worked on VBS stuff all day long on Tuesday and can't even remember what we did on Tuesday night. I don't know how all you working moms do it. I was exhausted by the time I got home at 5, and then I still had to be mom. Props to you guys. 

Oh, we did have tilapia for dinner, so that's a win! 

Matt was sick, so we (well, I) watched the Bachelorette and went to bed early. We're cool like that.


I drove all over the world shopping for VBS supplies. By the time I got home it was time to leave for our biweekly nursing home visit, so Matt and Avery went without us (Nick and Brittany met them there) and I got Landon to sleep early. Avery loved the extra daddy time (hello, Sprouts gummy worms!), and I got to watch Bridezillas since Matt wasn't home to make me turn it off, hehe. 

And have you seen Storage Wars? That show is awesome! Hooray for Netflix, but I've definitely been a couch potato this week. I'm just too tired to care.


We're sitting in front of the TV. Again. But the good news is that it's officially summer for Matt! He's done with his week of training, so we have him for two whole months!

We loved have NeNe here with us this week! And the kids were completely spoiled by all the extra attention. Landon even started saying "Nuh Nuh" for NeNe.

You probably won't see me again until next week, so consider yourself updated.

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