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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quick Update

VBS is over! It was awesome. God is awesome. I am exhausted. I'll give the week its own post later, but for now I'm just thankful that we can return to regularly scheduled programming. Both of our kids are seriously out of whack from going to bed after 10 each night. And our house is in dire need of a cleaning.

Poor Landon has had an ear infection since before his birthday. I took him for his one year check up on May 31, where I was told that he had a double ear infection (his first ones ever, and I had a feeling that's what we'd be told when we went in). A week later we found out that he's allergic to penicillin. I took him in again to have the ears looked at so he could get his shots, but the second antibiotic didn't help either, so now we're on our third try. The poor kid is miserable. It doesn't help that his mom completely lacks compassion in the middle of the night. Seriously, I don't even know who I am during the hours in which I should be sleeping. I need grace.

Avery started swimming lessons this week! She and her BFF, Lily, are taking lessons from my friend Lauren, and they are LOVING them. They've had two lessons so far, and Ms. Lauren is the best swim teacher ever. Avery was so scared of the water, but she does everything Lauren asks her to do! And it's become increasingly difficult to drag her out of the pool. So far she's learned to kick her feet, float on her back, "scoop" the water with her hands, blow bubbles, jump in, and use a pool noodle. It's been a brilliant idea to have two-on-one lessons, and we're so thankful to the Maners for letting us use their pool!

Ahhh, now that I'm done planning/executing VBS, I have big plans to return to my sewing machine. The goal is still to have my Etsy shop up and running before September, so I have a lot of work to do! I actually have a few "orders" to work on before I can start building up my inventory. So Allison, you will have your skirt when you come in town. Melissa, you will get your items in a couple of weeks (max). And I have a very special tag blanket to make for a very special foster baby! And after that, no more "orders" until I can post them in my shop. :)

Go Rangers. We're still in first place in our division. Matt and I have only been to TWO games this season, so I'm feeling a little disconnected from my boys. Hopefully we can fix that in the near future.

We celebrated our "official" start to summer by taking the kids to Zoobilee tonight! Since we have a Dallas Zoo membership we were able to attend this annual event (for free, woohoo!), and it was so much fun! It was completely packed, but we were still able to see lots of animals, and they even had free carousel rides and kids activities. We love the zoo! If you live in DFW, I highly recommend getting a zoo membership. It's so affordable (even for us!) and I have no idea why we put it off so long. It's the perfect family outing, and by having a membership we're able to just go for a couple of hours and do whatever we feel like without feeling obligated to spend a whole day seeing everything.

Happy Father's Day to my AMAZING husband. Our kids are so lucky to call him Daddy. He is the best.

We also happen to each have great dads ourselves! We love you guys!

My dad, aka "Grandaddy"
Matt's dad, aka "Pop Pop"

Whew, I have GOT to go to bed. And I wonder why I'm tired all the time when staying up past midnight is my norm.

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