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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We don't do a lot of Halloween celebrations around here (I've just never really gotten into it), but I do love an excuse to dress up my kids and eat candy!

We went the easy route on costumes this year. After making both of their costumes last year, I was lazy wanted a break!

Avery decided to be a ladybug this year, and when she makes up her mind about something, there's no changing it (I wonder where she gets that...). I remembered that a good friend's little girl was a ladybug last year, so I asked to borrow their costume (I have no shame) and then made a fuller tutu to go under it.

Landon doesn't get a say in his costume yet, so he was a Newsie!! I was going to make him a little messenger bag for his "papes" but ran out of time and decided not to sweat it. I just rolled up a newspaper section to carry around with him to help people figure out what he was. His costume was pretty simple since we had most of it. His shirt and vest were from his Easter/wedding/baby dedication suit, and we had some navy shorts that were too long (perfect for knickers!). I found the hat and socks at Children's Place online. Ensemble complete!

The kids had their costume parade at school on Tuesday.

Avery's class! She loves her teachers, Miss Holley and Miss Whitney!

And then last night we took them to a Trunk or Treat at the church where I grew up. My dad and Aaron, Chelsea, and Evelyn came over for dinner before we went, and Mom met us up there.

My mom actually had to restrain this boy until they could set up the blocks from him to run into.

This girl was serious about her candy choices. Next time I'm coaching her on how to pick the chocolate.

This was my favorite booth! They had to pick the dude's nose to get candy, and their hands got wet. HA!

I just want to point out that my three year old kicks with the inside of her foot. I'm a proud mama.

The kids had fun, but it was super crowded and made for a late night. Matt and I talked about just staying in our neighborhood next year since there are lots of trick or treaters out. We always like talking to people in our community, so that might be a better fit for us in the future. Eh, it's a ways out so we'll worry about it next year. Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween.

Bring on Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Kati said...

Love their costumes! I have no shame in borrowing either...obviously! We never did Halloween growing up but it is pretty cute seeing my kid dressed up. And the chocolate part.