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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Avery Update

Avery's three. She is crazy. One minute she is growling or screaming at us in annoyance (teenage preview, anyone?), and the next she is giving us the sweetest hugs and cracking us up.

Today we'll focus on the happy side of our precious girl because that's the best part. :) (And in all fairness, that's the side we see the most.)

A refrigerator is a "fridgelator" to Avery.

She likes to hang "upslide down" whenever she can.

When she started gymnastics, she announced that she was going to take "dramastics" and be a great "dramasticer." She even told us that she didn't need the teacher to give her lessons because she could teach them her "tricks." But a couple months in, I can see so much improvement in her coordination and confidence. She can even skip and do a (preschool style) cartwheel and a back bend.

Any time we're in the car, we play one of three games: knock knock jokes, I Spy, or Simon Says. She always asks to listen to "the CD with the verses" (aka Hide 'Em in Your Heart-- we're old school!!). Some of the songs have helped with her Cubbie memorization, too!

Avery LOVES her brother. She likes to boss him around, but she really does love to play with him. She's so sweet with him.

She is a big helper, especially at the grocery store. She insists on putting all of the items in the cart and then unloading them to the checkout belt. I'm sorry if you've ever gotten stuck behind us in line.

For my own records, Avery wears a size 4/5 and a size 10 shoe. She likes to dress herself, so some mornings require some creative persuasion. Other mornings I just don't even pick the battle.

Avery is super independent. She insists on brushing her own teeth, getting her own water, feeding our dog, and pretty much everything else.

She's become pretty snuggly and LOVES to read. She sings and has dance parties with her daddy most evenings. She's a really cool mix of OCD and fun.

Avery definitely keeps us on our toes, but we're up for the challenge, and seeing her really "get" the things we're trying to teach her has been extremely rewarding. We love watching her grow into a little lady!

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