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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baytown Weekend

We were waaaayyyy overdue for a visit with NeNe, Pop Pop, and Carrie. So go figure that we were attacked by The Great Stomach Bug of 2012 on the day we were supposed to leave.

We disinfected the house for our dog sitter and trudged out by 11 (so grateful that Matt had taken the day off), making it to Baytown by dinner time. FYI, the Dallas to Houston route on 45 is a million times more bearable during the day than at night.

Anyway, we had a great weekend with family and took full advantage of the gorgeous weather by spending most daylight non-napping hours outside. Matt got to fish with his dad, the kids got to play at two parks, and I got to eat at my second favorite Tex Mex eatery (El Toro!!).

Since Blogger's app is atrocious, here are all our pictures at once and in completely random order. Sorry, I can't figure a way around that and I'm using our drive time wisely, so phone posting it is!

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