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Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Much Better Week

This week has been substantially better than the last one. (Speaking of which, apparently misery loves company because I got a TON of hits on my crappy week post, go figure!)

Matt fixed the washing machine, and the dryer is still trucking along. We're still keeping our eyes out for a used set that's in good condition, but at least we can have clean clothes for now.

Our car window was fixed quickly and much cheaper than the original quote.

We found a decently priced refurbished laptop that's comparable to my stolen one, so we'll be using some birthday money and tax refund to pay for it, but yay for a new computer that's on its way. (p.s. Thanks to my super sister for letting me borrow her old one in the meantime.)

Yep, we got a (pretty hefty) tax refund this year. I can already hear my dad reminding me that a refund only means that we gave the government an interest-free loan last year, but when the you-know-what hits the fan all at the same time, I'm thankful that we're getting money back in our pockets instead of having to write another check. So there.

Thanks to my new BFF (aka my chiropractor), I'm feeling good enough to get back to my sewing machine, which means my Etsy business is picking up steam again. (I even hit 100 sales last week!!)

This is my current favorite burp cloth set.

The weather for most of the week was gorgeous, which merited a trip to the park and lots of play time in our back yard. I love Texas (for now). And I apologize to my northern friends if the pictures of sun and short sleeves make you jealous.

Avery and Landon played together really well this week (although it's impossible to get a picture of both of them these days).

I got to have an early birthday celebration with my whole family on Friday night, complete with tamales (I blame the pregnancy cravings) and the best strawberry cake on the planet. I didn't even know I liked strawberry cake until I tasted this stuff.

(Why yes, I did jack a picture from Facebook because I couldn't get it to save correctly on an unfamiliar computer. Tech fail.)

Some of our favorite friends, the Fuchs, came over for dinner last night. The kids ran themselves ragged, laughing and chasing and playing forever. And there was ice cream involved. Avery could hardly keep her eyes open during her bedtime story.

Can one start a New Years resolution in February? Because I definitely need to take more pictures this year. And while I'm making resolutions, I should probably add "use fewer parentheses" and "blog more than once a week" to the list.

Baby steps. I really like parentheses.


Brooklynn said...

Such a funny writer you are! Glad your week was better than last week. That helps!

And p.s. How has y'all ALREADY done your taxes?!

Over achiever.

Brooklynn said...

How have*


Jamie Butts said...

I actually kept meaning to call you, because I was really sad for you about the break-in. Glad things are going better... that is amazing about 100 sales in ETSY last week. I may have to get on there and buy something for my new baby when it gets closer. :) Keep blogging! Love you!