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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Perot Museum AND the Zoo

We are in full fledged survival mode over here!

Matt started back to work this week (those two week Christmas vacations are such a tease!), and since the musical is in two weeks he has rehearsal every day until 6:30. My food aversions begin promptly at 4 pm, so cooking dinner isn't really an option. I bought more convenience food at Costco this week than I have in the last six months. Desperate times...

Annnnd Landon has stopped sleeping through the night. Yay for ridiculously slow-growing molars! So last night when he woke up screaming (again), he woke Avery up, too (again). Except last night she complained that her pajamas were too hot, so as I was helping her change into some cooler ones, I realized that the heat was coming from her skin. The poor girl had 102+ fever.

So we missed MOPS today and watched PBS all morning in our pajamas. Landon didn't understand why Avery wouldn't play, so he spent the morning trying to jump on her and get her off the couch. No rest for the weary. We ended up making a Sonic run for lunch, which worked on three levels: 1) we got out of the house for an hour, 2) the caffeine got rid of my headache, and 3) both kids crashed on the way home, making nap time a breeze. Points for me.

Speaking of points, the actual point of this post is that we had a fun family Saturday, during which we spent the morning at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science AND the Dallas Zoo.

Yes, we are crazy. And we may have eaten McDonald's for breakfast and lunch because we are awful awesome parents.

The downtown playground is so cool!

Avery was talking to Juan. It was a very important conversation, as you can clearly see.

Hip hop dancing!

Avery insisted that she be our tour guide: "Mommy, STOP. I will tell you where the giraffes are."

Also, our Christmas lights are still up. Not on, but up. That's kind of embarrassing. But when you're just trying to survive, saving face is not a priority. Bring on the rest of this week!!


dpetty17 said...

Ours are up too......maybe Dave will find time this weekend to take them down. I hope Avery feels better soon!

Laura said...

1. Natalie isn't sleeping through the night either. I had no idea, but I bet it's molars. Thanks for the heads up!

2. The Perot Museum looks AWESOME but did Landon have a good time? I can't tell if it would be worth the money to take Natalie.

3. Our Christmas lights are still up to. I blame it on the rain.

Heather said...

1. I hope Natalie's sleeping better now! Landon's hit or miss, but fortunately
for me, he wakes up screaming "Daddy!!!" and will have it no other way. I still
think it's the teeth. Boo.

2. Landon had a great time in the children's museum, but that part is such a
small section (like half of one floor and there are four floors) that it might
not be worth taking Natalie. Oh but come to think of it, she should be free, so
take her to the kids part first and then take entertainment for her while you
guys explore the rest of the place! It really is cool.

3. I blame the rain, too. And Matt's schedule. Ours are STILL up. This is the
longest it's ever taken for us to get them down! I'm glad our neighbors love us (right, Brooke?!?).