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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Birthdays kinda put me in a funk. I don't hate getting older or anything, but for some reason I always feel a little bleh on mine.

Today definitely had a rough start. I got approximately three hours of sleep the night before (courtesy of some brutal molars that Landon's working on), so I was basically a zombie.

But things got better.

The kiddos went to Mother's Day Out. I always miss them while they're there, but I don't think I would've been a very good parent today, haha!

I went to my chiropractor. A little nap under heat therapy plus a good adjustment did wonders for my physical and emotional state.

I worked at church for an hour and a half.

My awesome sister took me to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (gosh, I'd missed that place!) and gave me the world's best blanket that I've been wanting since I was introduced to this brand at our family Christmas at my aunt's lake house.

I picked up my precious babies and headed to my parents' so they could play while I ran to pick up some fabric.

Matt met me at the house before we picked up the kidlets to go eat at Olive Garden for dinner. Normally I choose Tex-Mex by default since it's my very, very favorite (Chuy's and Fuzzy's, anyone?), but thanks to this weird pregnancy thing, I feel very apathetic toward Mexican food. So Olive Garden it was! Peach tea and chicken alfredo pizza made a very good birthday present if I do say so myself. The kids were surprisingly well-behaved, especially considering they hadn't napped all day, and it was fun to close out the day as a family. Plus we had a coupon, so win.

Then we came home to a delicious cake made by my very handsome and awesome husband. Caramel coconut pecan cake was a perfect way to round out my day of horrible eating. It also rounded out my midsection. At least I can blame the baby.

I just really have the best friends and family. I had texts and Facebook birthday wishes all day long, in addition to some amazing gifts from Nick and Brittany (a gorgeous basket filled with amazing cookies and goodies), Matt (a cool necklace that he knew I'd love), and Allison (the aforementioned blanket; y'all, I'm serious), generous monetary gifts from my parents and in-laws, and surprise gift cards from fun friends.

Thanks to everyone who made it special!

So here's to my last year in my twenties! It's been a great decade, so I'm ready to close it out with yet another fantastic year.


Jamie Butts said...

Happy birthday again! Sounds like it ended up being a pretty great one!

Hey - can you do me a quick favor? Can you send me a link to your old post about what to pack for the hospital when you have a baby? Think that was you. Trying to put together a list for my sister, and another friend asked me, too. I remember a lot, but not everything, and I remember I liked your list! :)


PS: enjoy being 29! I'm okay with being 30, but it does kind of feel different and weird! :)

Kati said...

Happy Birthday Heather! Our 30's are going to be awesome! I love your cake too :)