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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

16 Month Update

Two posts in one day? What is the world coming to?!? I figured I might as well knock them both out while I had a little time. 

Avery is 16 months old TODAY! I know I say this every month, but this is just such a fun age. She gets more and more personality every day (Lord, help us!), but unfortunately, with that personality has also come serious stubbornness and a more obvious sin nature, and with that comes the need for discipline. Yikes. That part's not so much fun. In fact, I'm pretty clueless as to how to discipline a toddler who can't really grasp my explanation of her poor choices (ha!). Now give me a high schooler and I'm good to go, but this is just uncharted territory.

Anyway, here's what you're up to these days, sweet Avery:
  • You're wearing 18 month clothes, but you've started wearing 24 month sizes also. You're still in a size 4 diaper, and you wear a size 5 or 6 shoe. 
  • You take one nap a day (usually around 12:30) and you've started sleeping for almost 2 hours (which is a miracle for you me!). You've always been a good night sleeper though; you go to bed (after bath time, brushing your teeth, reading multiple books, and drinking a cup of milk) around 7:30 pm, and you sleep until 7:30 am (sometimes 8:00).
  • You insist on eating everything with a spoon. Even goldfish and raisins and crackers and bananas. You're getting the hang of it, but it sure makes mealtimes (and snack times for that matter) last a lot longer! 
  • You love love love to "read." You'll pick out whichever book is closest to you and just jabber away. I'd love to know what stories you're telling! But you still love to climb into Daddy's and my laps for us to read to you. I was so paranoid that you would hate reading because when you were a baby baby  you showed no interest in books, so we didn't read to you much, contrary to what all the magazines say to do. Ha-- what do they know?
  • Your favorite toys are your baby and your clipo blocks. You'll play with those blocks for a solid 20 minutes (which is an eternity in baby time)! You also take your (naked!) baby everywhere. You refuse to keep her clothes on her, but you're so sweet when you get our your diaper bag and try to put your diapers on her and feed her your snacks and water.
  • You do like to hit. A lot. And you don't really care who you hit, you just want to hit. Poor Nutmeg has even been the recipient of your wrath on numerous occasions. We're working on sweet hands. :) 
  • You love to be outside. Your biggest tantrums have been thrown over me not letting you go " 'side" (when it was 50 degrees and raining, mind you), and anytime we do play in the yard, you freak out when it's time to come in. 
  • You still give the sweetest hugs and kisses, and we just think you're the coolest kid on the planet. 
We love you, Avery! Stop growing up so fast!


Anonymous said...

Tell me about it! They grow up too fast...esp the 2nd kid. Discipline...I'm in early education but it's still tougher when they're your own children. But it is definitely still fun!

Kati said...

Love both updates! Avery is so cute and even though I'm sure every day isn't perfect, you seem to be doing a great job with her. I'm gonna need some tips! It makes me excited to have a little girl :>