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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An obligatory blog post

Since I've been so, um, scarce on the blogging, I figured I could pop in on a Tuesday night (what?!?) since Matt is still working. Ugh. I know I should be thankful that he has a job, but during this time of year I absolutely hate his profession. He's smack dab in the middle of musical rehearsals (which will only get worse in January) and UIL season, so that means I see him pretty much never. Okay, okay. It could be worse. But I'm feeling incredibly whiny tonight, and I feel like complaining about it. So there.

Why am I feeling whiny, you ask? Because the first trimester never ends. EVER. I do not remember having this much "morning" (read: all the freaking time) sickness with Avery. I was also busy teaching and coaching the whole time I was pregnant with her, so it's possible I was too preoccupied to notice, but this sucks.

Is anybody going shopping on Black Friday this year? I'm seriously contemplating it, but we're also planning on staying really low-key for gifts this year. I'm completely over the materialism and freakishly hyped up shopping season, and we're determined to keep Christmas more simple, more relaxing, and more about Jesus this year. (Not that there's anything wrong with buying gifts for people. Don't get me wrong.) Matt's and my gift to each other this year is a cruise, but I'm sure we'll get carried away shopping for Avery (not carried away in the sense that some people get carried away, but carried away for us). And I seriously love the World Vision Christmas Catalog, but I'm not so sure how those gifts would be received. Have any of you done the giving-is-the-gift thing?

But before I get too wrapped up (pun intended) in Christmas, Thanksgiving is a little over a week away! I love Thanksgiving. We get together with my dad's side of the family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, everybody) for a completely chill day of  food (duh), games, and watching the Cowboys (although I'm over them this year; yes, I am a fair-weather Cowboys fan. The Rangers are a different story.). And this year it's at my parents' house, so we don't even have to drive far, which will be a welcome reprieve after a trip to San Antonio, back to DFW, and down to Houston all within six days.

More on that later, but my (lonely) bed is calling my name. Maybe I'll get a jump-start on the stack of unread books on the nightstand.


Anonymous said...

It annoys me when Hubby comes home even a few minutes late. But he is a financial systems analyst so during budget season or closing (esp year-end) it drives me crazy when people ask him for help at 4:30 and he gets "off" at 5pm.

I was the same with the morning sickness. I think it is more apparent because there's nothing to distract you once you're not "working". Ginger ale was my friend.

We are the same about gifts too. Not big on them at all. I wouldn't even care if I received no gifts for my birthday either. Anyhow, at MOPS we were talking about budgeting for gifts and how many gifts do you buy your kids? I'm thinking one and I guess other people buy a gift from each parent and sibling to give each child. So from just our family Emily would receive a gift from me, Norm, and, Melody. Maybe I'm too frugal or cheap or poor but I have never heard of this before.

I did give "giving" one year. The "receiver" of the gift is supposed to get a card saying what you donated in their name. But I heard from my recipients that they didn't get anything. This was through Samaritan's purse though.

Anyhow, I love how I just posted a post in our comments. Enjoy your books.

Anonymous said...

Morning sickness blows. (I would say sucks, but blows is a more accurate description.) I went through most of it unemployed and it lasted until about 24 weeks. Yeah. No bueno.

We're keeping it simple this year too, but primarily because we're poor. Ha! However, you've inspired me to focus more on Jesus and refocus my energies about Christmas less on what we don't have and more on what we have.