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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bloys Campmeeting 2011

So I'm a week late, but I have to post these pictures because we had the best week at campmeeting. I just love my family, and I love that I can spend a whole week with them and not want to kill them (my, how times have changed, haha).

If you want to read my previous explanation of what campmeeting is, check out this post from last year. If you want to see some gorgeous pictures from this year, check out my sister's post. If you want to see our week in amateur pictures complete with commentary from yours truly, proceed below...

We left at 4:30 in the morning! Matt wanted to leave that early because that meant we'd have a longer kids-asleep time for the 10.5 hour drive. Oh I was SO sleepy! This picture was after our 7 am McDonald's breakfast stop. Avery was happy! Landon wasn't so much a fan of his carseat. That made for a long trip.

When we finally got to the cabin around 3:00, Avery wasted no time getting Brittany (my brother Nick's girlfriend) to read to her.

This was A's favorite mode of transportation this week

"The Tree" (we used to LOVE climbing this tree after meals since it's right outside our cookshed)

I just love this smiley little boy!

Grandma snuggles!

We loved spending lots of time with Aaron and Chelsea this week!

Don't let this sweet girl fool you. Naptimes were a nightmare this week. Between the heat and noise, it was a nearly impossible feat to get her to go to sleep. This picture was a rare moment. :) 

More reading! This time Amy was recruited :)

I admit that I mostly took this picture because I LOVE this onesie my friend Sarah made. But check out those cheeks!!

In line with Allison at the cookshed (this girl just doesn't get any attention!)

One of the things I love about campmeeting is hearing stories from older generations (this is our great aunt)

Avery loves corn on the cob (except that she calls it popcorn and I don't have the heart to correct her because it's adorable)

Allison loves camp food!

I love everything about this picture (Great Aunt Nettie, Nana, and Aunt Cristi)

Avery got to hike the mountain this year!

With a little help of course (I was a nervous wreck!)

We only made it halfway up this year

I love these people :)

Me and Brittany

This is pretty typical campmeeting...

It was so nice to be somewhere cool enough for Avery to actually play outside!

Amy's new friend, Wendi

How could this face not make you smile?!?

My little man :)

Matt and Aaron sang in the evening service on Thursday and it was beautiful. I'd post the video if I had it in my possession. But I don't.

This might just be the sweetest picture ever.

And Allison decided that she likes Landon after all


Annual family picture at the cross

Nana's sweet ride

Trek to the Ft. Davis Drugstore for some ice cream!

Avery discovered a love of milkshakes

Our little family

Did I mention that she liked the milkshakes??
Chelsea, Aaron, and Allison

Avery decided she likes Aaron!

Silly bedtime

Snoozin' on Grandaddy before we left
Well that's pretty much it! I always hate when we get home because it means we have to wait a whole year until the next campmeeting, but we had a great time while it lasted, and I love knowing that my kids get to grow up with the same memories that I did.

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joyceandnorm said...

Good thing this is on FB...there are too many things to 'like'. I think my fave is the 2 shovels!