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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life Lately

Well Matt's back to school (work, whatever), and we've finally started getting into a little routine around here. The kids have been so much fun this week, so I'm hoping we can keep that up for a little while. :)

I've been terrible about taking pictures lately, but here's a little update anyway.

Matt's parents came in town on Friday afternoon and stayed until Saturday evening. Avery was totally spoiled by all the NeNe and Pop Pop time, and Landon obviously loved the extra snuggles. We even got to go swimming on Friday night (granted, there's just not that much else that sounds appealing when it's five thousand degrees outside)! We were so glad they were able to come for a visit!

Haha, Landon looks like such a little old man here!

Landon and I went with Kendra to a baby shower on Saturday for my friend Katherine, who was in Little Women with us.  She's having a little girl in September! Of course I got no pictures.

On Saturday night, we went to a little soccer coaches' get together with my coaching friends. It was so much fun to see them, especially now that I feel like I belong again! Woohoo, did I mention that I'm excited to coach again?!?

This is my friend Jenny, who's married to a guy I used to coach with.

This week has been pretty uneventful. Avery starts back to Mother's Day Out next week, so I've been working on her napmat. That's right, I've actually made it back to my sewing machine! I've already made a couple of baby gifts, and I'm totally motivated to tackle some more projects. Ahh, it's nice to feel like myself again! It only took three months, lol.

We've pretty much been running lots of errands during the day, trying to get a decent nap schedule established (for both kids) in the afternoons, and then spending time as a family in the evenings. And then when the kids go to bed, Matt and I get sucked into the fictional world of Dillon, TX as we continue our Friday Night Lights marathon. I seriously love that show; we're halfway through season two. I actually think I'll miss it when we finish all five seasons. That's a little sad to admit. I promise we're not total couch potatoes!

Um, so it definitely needs to cool off around here. It is RIDICULOUSLY HOT and ifitdoesn'tstopsoonImightdie. Die! Ugh, it's so pitiful that I'm excited when it's only 98 degrees outside. I mean, COME ON. Enough with the 105s; we need to play outside!!

Okay, enough with the whining. I'm off to my sewing machine! Here's hoping that Landon will stay asleep long enough for me to finish this project.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm ready for a routine too.

Only 5000 degrees huh? =p It's not quite as hot here, but the "hottest" day this week was the day we went with friends to the zoo. And when we were leaving my car battery died! Oy vey! I'll have to post about that later.

I hope it cools down soon. One of the youth at my old church is going to school in TX and I'm pretty sure she's not used to the weather there.

Have a great weekend.