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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Landon: 3 Months

Landon hit the three month mark yesterday!

Sweet Landon, you're growing way too fast already!
  • You're still a very big boy. I'm getting a little tired of people freaking out when I tell them that you're only three months old. In fact, now when people ask how old you are, I respond, "He's three months old, and yes he's a big boy." You're our little snuggle bug! I haven't weighed you since your last appointment, but you're over 17 pounds and wearing 9 month clothes, give or take. You can still wear quite a few 6 month outfits, but you also need 12 month sleepers because you're just so stinkin' tall! We have you in size 3 diapers, although you could probably get away with a size 2. 
  • You eat every 2-3 hours, but you're finally starting to go 3 hours more consistently.
  • You were sleeping through the night on a regular basis, but now it's hit or miss. Some nights you'll go to bed at 9 and wake up at 7, but other nights you'll wake up to eat once or twice. You are really good about going right back to sleep after you eat, so I'm at least thankful for that. Oh, and you've been in your own room for a few weeks now, although if you wake up in the middle of the night, you usually end up back in our room.
  • You take two regular naps every day, usually in your Rock 'n Play. One is in the morning around 9 for an hour or two, and the other is anywhere from 3-5 hours right after I put Avery down for hers around 1. 
  • You're still a smiler, especially in the morning when you wake up!
  • You've started "talking" a lot this month. You're especially proficient at "goo" and "aah" :) Gotta start somewhere! 
  • You've also started using your arms and legs like crazy! You reach out for your toys now, and you kick your feet all over the place whenever you get excited. You love being in your bouncer and on your activity mat; however, you still don't like to be on your tummy very much. 
  • You're so laid-back, which has come in handy with all the running around we do! You're usually pretty content to hang out in your stroller when we're running errands, and you nap pretty flexibly, too. Hopefully once it cools off a little, I can start using your wrap more often so you can see more of the world! (Just for the record, this has been the hottest summer I remember in my entire life, so you have been a trooper since this is all you've ever known!)
We love you, Landon!

Mommy and Daddy


Anonymous said...

I love that last pic!!!

Kati said...

I do too!! He is a doll and such a chunker...yay for big babies! :>