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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seize the Day?

Yesterday was a blissful day. Well, after Avery got out of her out-of-character morning funk. And then it lasted until about 9 am when both children melted down on our way out the door.

But for about an hour, I got to enjoy some of this.

After we got home from Bible Study and it was time for lunch and naps, I got to enjoy some more of this.

It's pretty normal in this house to have a Jekyll and Hyde kind of day. You know, minus that whole serial killer thing.

Which is why I so appreciated this article about not carping the diem. Hilarious.

You're welcome.


charity said...

I had read that article from a link on facebook. :) I think I'll wait until I have my own kiddos to make any real judgment on what I think about it. Definitely some good points though! (And funny!)

April @ said...

I LOVED that article. I think you are SUCH a good mom - and I am so impressed at how you handle two day in and day out. :) We are having a lot of Jekyll and Hyde moments here too!