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Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Birthdays are always best when they last an entire weekend!

On Friday Matt was working late, so I took the kids over to my parents' house for dinner, and then Matt picked me up for our movie date. We actually went to Target first to pick up a prescription and walk around. You know, because we know how to live it up. Anyway, I had been wanting to see Beauty and the Beast since the day I heard it was coming back to theaters, but once we got to the ticket booth, I couldn't bring myself to spend an extra $6 on 3D tickets when I've seen the movie a kajillion times and own the DVD. So we saw One for the Money instead. I thought it was cute. Apparently all the critics thought it was the worst movie they've ever seen. I'm glad I didn't know that ahead of time. Anyway, it was better than the book and was a fun way to spend our evening.

Landon liked Uncle Nick!!!

I have no shame.

We went to breakfast (for free! thanks to a birthday coupon and gift card) at Ihop on Saturday morning before Matt had his men's lunch at church. Check out the awesome table we decorated.

Oh, that smile!!

Melt. Love these two.

The ideas were Matt's, the execution was mine. We're a good team.

We met up with my parents, Brittany, Aaron, Chelsea, and baby Evie at Chuy's, aka my favorite restaurant ever, for dinner. One word, Chuychanga with deluxe tomatillo sauce. Oops, that was five words. Yum.

My parents are the coolest.

Avery with her Aunt Chelsea and almost-Aunt (in May!) Brittany


I think they like Evie. And one of these days I'll get a picture of her face!

Sunday was my actual birthday, and we had a great day at church. Landon was back to his happy self (no more sickness?!?) and he even slept the whole time Ms. Patsy had him in the nursery! (The only reason this is a big deal is that he usually goes napless at church, which leads to a very frustrating rest of the day.) My mom is awesome and made me tilapia, awesome green beans, and potato casserole for lunch, complete with cinnamon roll cake for dessert.

Two things make me laugh about this picture: 1) Allison took it and it's blurry. 2) Mom looks like she wants to help me blow out the candles.

See? Happy baby!

This had to be shared because it went like this: "Allison, you look like a hippie." "That's the point. (Wipeout.)" So funny. Maybe you had to be there...

Getting in a game of washers on a GORGEOUS day

Aw, I have so many memories on that fort, and I love that Avery loves it, too. What I bet she didn't love, however, was how much time it took for Matt to dig out all the splinters out of her hands when we got home. Oops.

Matt made homemade pizza for dinner, and then our friends Megan and Deke came over to watch The Help with us after the kids went to bed. We may have also enjoyed even more dessert (thanks to Megan and my sweet neighbor Brooke) and an adult beverage. It was the perfect way to end the weekend.

The kids were super sweet this week, and it even continued through today when we did our grocery shopping. They were so good that I was even able to make a stop at Walmart (after two grocery stops!) to pick up a bunch of over-the-door shoe organizers, with which I am going to attack some closets with a vengeance. And they're still napping, so I'm off to be productive! Have a great week!


April @ said...

Love this post. Love you. I don't have much energy to expand, but I want to let you know I read it!

Joyce said...

Sounds like a great birthday weekend! Lots of good food too!