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Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Five: Our Week in Review

1. {Monday} We went to visit my sweet sister-in-law Chelsea and my niece Evie! They only live an hour away, but it's far enough that we don't make the trip nearly as often as we should. I had a box of clothes to take to little Evelyn though, so I packed up the kids and made the trek! Avery and Landon love their cousin! (And Aaron and Chelsea aren't so bad either, haha.)

2. {Tuesday}Avery went to Mother's Day Out. Landon and I hung out at the house. I had to supervise the offseason workout at the school I coach at. And that night I finished our study organization project!!

3. {Wednesday}We went to Bible study in the morning, came home for lunch and naps, and then spent the afternoon at the park. It was SUCH a gorgeous day, and we met my friend Meagan and her two boys to bask in the sunshine. Matt even met us there after he got done with work. It was perfect. We came home to eat egg in a hole for dinner (major comfort food-- I LOVE IT) and then went to church to help sort/organize items for our church's upcoming giveaway this weekend.

4. {Thursday} Landon and I ran a kajillion errands while Avery was at Mother's Day Out. Neither kid would nap in the afternoon, so at 4:45 when Landon started falling asleep/throwing a fit while I was trying to cook dinner, I put him to sleep in his crib, where he slept until 6:45 this morning. Homeboy was exhausted apparently. It worked out though because I was able to sneak out to the Rhea Lana consignment sale for their early bird half-price sale. Y'all. I scored a TON of nice clothes (Gymboree, Baby Gap, Old Navy, and Carter's) for both kids for less than $70. Oh, and we joined the Dallas Zoo so we now have passes for a year! Let's just say that I'm thankful for tax returns and other unexpected financial blessing this week because there's no way we could afford that stuff otherwise. It's crazy to see how God's provided for us this year.

5. {Friday+} We had a busy morning. Landon had his 9 month check up with Dr. T, and then we met up with my sweet friend Tarah who is in town from Virginia this week. We spent awhile playing with her and Libby at the park before driving through Chick-fil-a (I know, I'm so predictable) and stopping by the church so I could feed the kids and pick up some stuff for a kids event we're having tonight. Matt and Avery are going on a date tonight, and Avery is SO beyond excited. She's been talking about it all week!

The rest of the weekend should be amusing enough for me to post a fun little recap on Sunday or Monday, and I hope your weekend is a great one!

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