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Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Five

After yesterday's downer of a post, here are five fun things for this Friday!

1. Joann has minky fabric on sale for 50% off right now. And if that's not exciting enough, there's also a coupon for 25% off your entire purchase that can be used in conjunction with the sale. I got 5 yards of minky, two colors of thread, and one spool of ribbon for $35. Why yes, I do enjoy saving $50, thank you very much.

2. Today's been fun, and my sister-in-law Chelsea is coming over this afternoon with baby Evie! The poor girl will probably be attacked by both of my children who just love her to pieces. Landon loves her so much he tries to eat her feet if we let him anywhere near her. Later tonight we're having kids movie night for the little kids (2s-2nd grade) at the church. We have 30 kids signed up for a fun night of 101 Dalmatians, complete with "pup"peroni pizza and Cruella cream dessert. Don't worry, there's some fruit to balance out all the junk. Have fun getting them to sleep tonight, parents (haha)!

3. Kendra's shower is tomorrow! I'm so excited to see all the fun things that baby Camila gets. I'm also excited to post some pictures of my first product that has a real live tag for my Etsy shop on it. Eek! I feel so official.

4. I finished The Hunger Games in two sittings. Yes, I was late to the figurative party, but I'm just glad I gave in. My heart was pounding from the minute the games started until I finished the last page. It was intense and thought-provoking. Good stuff. I'm so ready to start Catching Fire, but I'm going to see the movie on Sunday night, so I figure I'll just wait until then. Now I'm just trying to get Matt to finish it so I can finally talk about it with him, but he keeps falling asleep. How does that even happen?!?

5. One of my very favorite families in the entire world is coming in town and we get to hang out with them on Monday!! I'm so ready to spend some time with Candace, Ricky and Jacob. Love them!

Happy Friday, everybody!

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