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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School

Well, back to school for Matt anyway. He had to report to in-service yesterday, and the kids and I have slowly started getting back in our groove. It's been nice to have Matt home for lunch still though!

We celebrated our last day of summer on Monday with a trip to the grocery store(s), a picnic lunch at the fountains, and froyo from Yummi Berry!

(yeah, those seats are just awkward for anyone over the age of 7)

Monday night we had some of our favorite people over for dinner, after which Avery entertained us all with her gymnastics. That girl is funny.

Speaking of gymnastics, I think she's going to take a class this year. She's gonna try it out on Friday to see how it goes. She's been saying forever that she wants to take ballet, so this is a switch. Honestly, I hope she picks gymnastics. It seems more, well, athletic. No offense, you pretty little dancers, but if this girl takes after her mama (she does), then graceful movement is something she is probably incapable of. And soccer starts next year, so this is temporary anyway. :)

This morning was gorgeous, so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent over an hour at the park. Avery made friends, Landon ate mulch. It was a good morning.

And according to the weather people, we're already done with 100+ temps, so hooray for that. Texas surprises me sometimes.

Happy Wednesday!


Melissa said...

I like you nonchalatly noted that Landon ate mulch. =)

Melissa said...