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Friday, August 10, 2012

Bloys Campmeeting 2012

Now that I'm halfway through our laundry piles, I'm going to allow myself to take a break. (Oh, and thanks for all the love on my breastfeeding post! The Facebook and blog comments and messages were so encouraging!)

We survived a 10 hour road trip, 6 nights in a tent, and a week in the dirt with two young children, so I feel like I should document campmeeting 2012.

For a more detailed description of what campmeeting is, you can check out my posts from last year and the year before. (I've gone every year since I was born.)

We left on Friday morning to caravan with Nick and Brittany. We stopped 5 times. It was a long trip.

Campmeeting was a little weird this year. I'm not gonna go into details, but Matt and I had lots of fun with the kids anyway. Avery even made it up to the top of the mountain for the first time! She was a little trooper and we were SO proud of her! I don't really feel like writing today, so here are some pictures.

I can't accurately describe just how much Landon loved being in the dirt ALL THE TIME. He was in heaven.

See? He wore himself out. We could hardly keep him awake during lunch.

Hey, look who we ran into.

S'mores night!

First hike of the year!

Booty shot! But seriously, this girl can climb.

Made it to the top!

Coming back down was a little harder.


{I just really liked this sign in a shop in Alpine}

Girls outing to Reata for dinner to celebrate August birthdays

Avery was awesome at the restaurant, so we stopped at the Ft. Davis Drugstore for ice cream on our way back to camp.

Super baby!

Second hike!

Somebody about gave me a heart attack...

See all those tin roofs? Those are cabins. That's not even half of the camp.

See what I mean? Heaven.

Avery and Riley (their grandpas are first cousins)

Bubble time!

Mmmm, corn on the cob

About half of our crew at dinner

After spending a week in much cooler temperatures, we were bummed to come home to 100+ temps, but we're glad to be back (and we only stopped once on the trip home)!


Laura said...

1st: My parents were totally there at Fort Davis - they didn't go to the big revival thing (but they did meet up with their friends who were). I'm not sure if revival is the right word - that's what my mother's friend calls it. But anyways, my mother did call me and rave about the wonderful weather and beautiful scenery.

2nd: We have the "Are You a Cow" book too...Natalie loves to MOO at the cow and then every other animal in the book is either a duck or a dog (to her).

We just got back from a trip to San Antonio and I can't imagine traveling much further with a small child. Four hours was about as much as she could handle. Glad you guys were able to escape the heat and spend some quality time as a family!

Heather said...

What a small world! It's not really a revival, although I've heard it call that, too. It's just campmeeting, haha. It really is impossible to describe unless you experience it! And yes, the weather was AWESOME.

That was a new book my Nana got Landon that week! He loved the "no" parts (go figure!), and Avery loves that she can basically "read" the whole thing to him. She's such an oldest child. :)

I'm jealous that y'all got to go to San Antonio! We had planned on going at the beginning of this summer but had to cancel when we did the math on our summer travel budget. Maybe one day we'll have money again, haha.