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Friday, August 31, 2012

So Much to Catch Up On

Ah, where were we?

Matt went back to school. I opened my Etsy shop. And lots of stuff happened in between and since.

Matt and I went on a date to a Grand Prairie Airhogs game. We had tickets that needed to be used before the season ended, and we ended up getting to sit right behind home plate in the second row. Not that we had competition for good seats; the stadium was empty (maybe because it was a Wednesday night?). It was a lot of fun, and we'll try to take the kids to some games next season!

Avery started gymnastics! She's taking a preschool class at a small local gym, and she loves it! (And shhh, I was so glad she chose gymnastics over ballet.) 1) Excuse the horrible quality of pictures. 2) Does anyone know of a good place to find leotards that aren't for dance?

They got to use the Peter Pan apparatus during free time!

AWANA started at our church, and Avery's a Cubbie this year! If you're not familiar with AWANA, it's a kids program where they memorize Bible verses, play games, and have counsel time (Bible stories, etc.). I was in it when I was a kid and still remember all the songs. :) It's super fun! Matt and I are both helping with it this year, so Landon gets to play with the other babies while we're there.

My mommy had a birthday! It was actually yesterday (happy birthday, Mom!), but we celebrated on Sunday night since that was when all the siblings could get together. Allison made a really ugly but delicious cake and we had a low key little get together to celebrate the best mom in the world! (Matt and I took her a gift and Blue Bell ice cream last night for her for real birthday.)

I feel like we've been running a kajillion errands since school started (post office, Costco, grocery shopping, and everything in between), but the kids actually really like being out of the house. And honestly, I do too. I get a little stir crazy if I'm indoors all day. But we've also been playing a lot around the house.

Mother's Day Out starts next week, and I think I'm also gonna try out MOPS on Wednesdays, so I'm glad to get into a for real weekly routine. And I'm so thankful for all of the Etsy orders I've gotten, but I still need to figure out how to get all that taken care of in addition to all my other responsibilities. I need a serious dose of self-discipline!

I'm super excited to hang out with some of my favorite friends this weekend, and I hope your holiday weekend is fantastic, too!

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Nutty Mom said...

AW what a CUTE cubbie! I did Awana from cubbies through high school! And now both my girls are sparkies! Man how time flies. I hope your daughter has an awesome year!