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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why I Haven't Been Blogging

I've been away from the bloggy for far too long because I have been sewing like a MADWOMAN. Seriously, where did this motivation come from?!?

Oh yeah, my self-imposed Etsy shop opening deadline of September 1. That's two weeks away.


I've been increasing my opening inventory of burp cloths, tag blankets, and key fobs so I actually have something to sell when I start listing. I almost have an entire drawer full of super cute items just begging to be posted to the interwebs. Want a sneak peek?

Pardon the craptastic lighting/photography.
Since I am what some might call a perfectionist, I still need to finish a few things before I start listing:
  • Make business cards
  • Take pictures of items
  • Order packaging supplies
  • Update Facebook fan page (cover photo)
  • Finish last 2 burp cloths and make 5 more tag blankets (in girly prints)
Also, I am in a major funk. More accurately, I am in my pre-back-to-school depression. Okay, maybe "depression" is unfair (or too dramatic) considering there are people suffering from ACTUAL depression, but I always get in this mopey, grumpy, mean stage right before Matt goes back to school. I know that once the kids and I get back into our normal routine, things will be just fine, but right now I'm still pouting. And grouchy.

So once I get back to my normal competent self, I'll be posting on a (more) regular basis. Landon's due for a blog update, I have a drafted post of our favorite kid books, I'm in desperate need of some hangout time with my friends (if I still have any after basically neglecting every friendship all summer long!), and our camera has been collecting dust. This paragraph doesn't even make sense, but I'm too tired to fix it.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I think it makes great sense! The boy prints rock.