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Monday, February 4, 2013

Landon: 20 Months

I'm a little behind on kid updates, but looking at my blogging track record as of late, I'm sure none of you are surprised! Nor should you be surprised that I hardly have any pictures right now. (I have GOT to start taking more pictures again! And on a real camera at that!)

So Landon is only four months away from two now (what?!?), and here is what our little wild child is up to these days:
  • He wears 24 month and 2T clothes, although they're usually too big for him. He's still in a size 4 diaper and wears a 6 or 7 shoe.
  • Landon has three volume levels: silent, loud, and louder. 
  • He loves birthday cake and sings "Happy birthday to you" if he thinks he gets to eat some.
  • He makes sound effects for everything: "choo choo!" when we're at a railroad crossing, "moo!" when we drive by cows, "roar!" when he's trying to be scary or destructive, and animal sounds whenever he sees their pictures.
  • Landon gets really silly in the bathtub and lately thinks it's hilarious to try to pee on Avery right after we drain the water. Boys. Needless to say, she's terrified of bath time now. Poor girl, I don't blame her!
  • Landon's on a Thomas the Train kick. That and Sesame Street are really the only shows he'll sit down to watch.
  • Every time I pick up Landon from school he does a little dance that I have dubbed The Backpack Boogie. He puts his thumbs by his armpits (much like the chicken dance) and sways sideways, singing "Backpack, backpack!" Kid loves his backpack. 
  • He is very, um, aware of his bodily functions. He's really good about telling me when he needs a diaper change. Maybe potty training won't be so bad. Maybe?
  • He is super active and prefers running to walking. He's getting FAST. He's also a climber, so that's fun. Bruises and scrapes are part of his wardrobe.
  • He loves books. He's constantly yelling, "Lap! Read! Book!" and running at us with his I Spy and word picture books. He likes stories too, but he much prefers to find the tractors in the other ones.
  • Landon isn't quite as verbal as Avery was at this age, but he says a lot of words and is just too busy getting into everything he can to be worried about using sentences yet. :) 
  • Speaking of Avery, Landon adores his big sister. They are so sweet together and are starting to really play well together, which is both sweet to watch and helpful when I'm cooking dinner!
He definitely keeps us on our toes, but we just love this little boy!  Happy 20 months, Landon!

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