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Monday, February 11, 2013

A Weekend to Party

I woke up Saturday with the same headache I went to sleep with because apparently the North Texas air hates us all and wants everyone to be miserable.

But we had some partying to do! I dropped Landon off with my mom for the day since he'd been sick on Thursday and I didn't want to pass on any remaining stomach bug germs. (Matt was working all day because February is the stupidest month of the year.)

First up was Lily's princess party for her 4th birthday.

Lily's mom, Iris, made this cake! She is so talented!

Gift opening at kids' parties stresses me out

Avery with the birthday girl!

Then we made it to Jacob's Thomas the Train 3rd birthday party!

Sugar overload!

I wish I'd gotten a picture of the train decorations because Amy did such a great job!

We picked up Landon just in time to bring him to our house for Aunt Allison to come over and babysit him while the rest of us went to the Valentine Banquet at our church (again with the germs).

Matt met us at the church, and let's just say that it was not a relaxing evening for me since I ended up working the entire time. (I was in charge of coordinating childcare and we hit quite a few, uh, snafus during the evening, requiring multiple exits on my part. I think I sat for about 30 minutes total.) The food was delicious though!

We came home and were overcome by exhaustion. The end.

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