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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

17 Weeks

So good news, guys! I cleaned my bathroom! Aren't you excited? To celebrate this (major) accomplishment, you get a different angle for today's belly shot. You are welcome.

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 17 weeks
Size of baby: About 5 inches long, the size of a turnip (but who really knows anything about turnips?!?)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: At my last appointment I was up two pounds. We don't own a scale, but I'm fairly certain that I will have gained at least five more by the time my next appointment rolls around. Needless to say, my appetite is back in a big way.
Maternity Clothes: Yes. A resounding yes. Especially pants. And seeing as how I'm just as big as I was at this point when I was pregnant with Landon but I wasn't needing maternity pants at all, maybe that means another girl? Ah, who knows.
Gender: We find out on March 12! 
Movement: Yep! Not all the time, but if I'm paying attention I can feel little flutters. Usually the only time I notice is at night.
Sleep: Well funny you should ask. My kids have decided that it's not okay for us to sleep through the night anymore. Maybe I should start going to bed a little earlier to counterbalance that.
What I miss: Nothing really.
Cravings: Unfrosted Strawberry Pop Tarts (I know, still!) and chips. Confession: I brought home five bags of chips from the grocery store this week. FIVE. I never buy chips unless I'm getting a big 'ol bag of tortilla strips from Costco. But guys, Aldi has the best sour cream and onion chips for so cheap! AND they have chili cheese fritos, my absolute favorite. Sorry I'm not sorry. Oh, and I have been loving strawberries, so I have that going for me.
Symptoms: My stomach just keeps on getting bigger, so I'd say that's a pretty obvious symptom.
Best Moment this week: It's been an uneventful week, but we're officially less than two weeks away from finding out the gender! Eek! Then I can start clearing out either the outgrown girl clothes or the outgrown boy clothes. This pregnancy is seriously flying by. I'm not complaining. :)

1 comment:

Kati said...

I can't believe you're 17 weeks already! Congrats! And yay for cleaning your bathroom. I feel like I can never do mine all at gets done in stages.