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Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Five

1. Avery is now a clapping fool! It's the cutest thing. And she's getting hair now and eating all sorts of crazy food. This has been a big month for her so far!

2. Ah, The Office started back up last night. I was a little bummed that it wasn't really a new episode though. As much as I like flashbacks, I think the writers need to pick it up a little; this season is a tad bland. I'll give them credit though for including my very favorite Office scene (when Jim comes to work as Dwight): "Bears...beets...Battlestar Galactica."  Classic!

I also cleaned the house after Avery went to bed and even got to catch up on the last Bachelor episode. Can we say that some of these women are cah-razy?!? Yikes. But like I've said before, it's a train wreck that I seriously can't stop watching. It's a problem really.

3. Footloose opened last night, which means I'm three days closer to having my husband back! Yay! It also means that Avery gets to see her first musical tonight (gotta start 'em young). She's a pro at concerts, so hopefully she'll keep up her track record and not be too distracting to those around us. Fingers crossed!

4. Today is pay day! Having both of us working in the same district requires ridiculous discipline in budgeting, and around Christmas when our pay schedule gets jacked up it becomes even more difficult. But we both have jobs and can pay the bills (even this month's electric bill-whew!), so I'm really not complaining. 

5. I'm a much more joyful person today than I was last Friday, and I'm sure my students, coworkers, and family appreciate that. But today my heart is really heavy because it's not such a good day for some people we really love. You know who you are, and we're praying for you. Love you guys.

Happy Friday!


Frugal Friend said...

Miss those cutesy moments with baby! Have fun at the musical. I'm sure she will have a great time!

Anonymous said...

She is so cute! Love her outfit!!!

Kati said...

Ah, I love her pictures! Getting so big :) I loved seeing the clips on The Office last night- reminded me why I love that show. And yes I think a Bachelor season finale party sounds fun! Glad you're feeling better. said...

ohh ohh.. can't.handle.the.cuteness!

and I agree... this is the worst season of The Office so far. I am praying they pick things back up and go back to the little interactions between the different character's personalities which was always the backbone of the show.

carikaufm said...

Your munchkin is soooo cute!

secondofwett said...

Love the picture of the babe...she's a cutie!

jennibell said...

I love your Friday Five. . .I usually visit from Company Girl. It's a neat way to post.

jennibell said...

I love your Friday Five. . .I usually visit from Company Girl. It's a neat way to post.

Anna said...

She's so cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

One More Equals Four said...

Precious baby! Loved reading your list! Sometimes it is really helpful to just reflect on what we do have to be thankful for!

Have a great weekend...and enjoy the show!